Laser helps you heal faster

This past weekend I continued learning as much as I can about cutting edge technologies I can use to help you heal faster.  This seminar was on cold laser.  Cold laser is light therapy which helps injured and damaged cells to heal faster by increasing ATP into the cell and helps the cells communicate with one another.

Dr. Oz in January of 2013 called cold laser the “No-pill pain buster”.  Not only does it work for pain control, but I like to use it for turning muscles on or off and keep the communication from brain to the body parts working well.  I’ve been using it for 4 years but I learned some new techniques which will really help you heal faster and see less of me.

When I do laser you do not feel it.  I can test a muscle, check your range or motion before a treatment to see what it is and then laser and re-check to see the improvement.  It’s pretty fascinating to see immediate benefits.  Send you home with some spinal flossing exercises for the nerves and to relax the muscles and you will notice a big improvement.

What gets in the way of healing is poor living, sitting at the computer all day, lack of exercise and a poor american diet which inflammes the heck out of you.  Sitting is the new smoking.  So get out and MOVE YOUR BODY!

One of the most important things you can do to help yourself heal faster is get on an anti-inflammatory diet.  If you want a copy of one just email me  If you are inflammed you are not going to heal and be in pain or stiffness all the time.  I get everyone on an omega 3 (fish oil), to help decrease inflammation.  Do not buy it at wall-mart or GNC.  Most fish oil is rancid by the time it gets to the store.  I only sell GMP (Government certified) products, so you know exactly what you are getting.  I think it is also a great idea to get on a pro-biotic since gut health is crucial as you know if you have read any of my blogs.  A good greens I sell is loaded with 8 servings of fruits and veggies whcih will help your PH be more alkaline.  If you are acidic you will likely end up getting Cancer or some form of chronic disease.

Ok, here is a pic below of one of my succussful deer hunts back about 20 years ago.  Check out the valley wire for the article I wrote about my hunting escapades.  It’s called “They shouldn’t allow guys like me in the woods” Be safe in the woods!!

I actually shot this monster.

Don’t forget to get your kids in to get checked.  They will be less sick, their athletic performance will be better, and they will just feel and function better.  Dr. E

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