Coming together when tragedy hits home

Coming together when tragedy hits home..

I’m sure most of the readers are aware of the tragic snowmobile training accident that took the life of Sarah Thorsland .  It’s the worst of the worst of tragedies.  Something as safe and innocent as going through a snowmobile certification test and a freak accident occurs and a life is snuffed out.  The pain and grief of a small community, neighbors, classmates, friends and family feel, is unbearable at times.

Sarah was my next door neighbor.  I watched her grow up.  I watched her learn to swim in our swimming pool.  This past summer she really came out of her shell.  She was a teen now and it was fun to watch her and her girlfriends flirt with the older high school boys around the pool.  The young innocence of being a teen is now lost.

Her folks Jay and Lisa, brother Josh and sister Cammie are great neighbors, and this time of year was always a special time since the Thorslands would put on a spooky path behind their house in Buckridge for Halloween.  All the neighbors would gather there and have a blast.  It’s a fond memory and I know how much fun it was for Sarah.  It was a tough Halloween knowing how much Sarah loved this holiday

The shining light of this tragic loss has been to witness neighbors and our community, come together to support the Thorslands in their time of grief.  From planning meals, to picking family members flying in for the funeral, to planting a memorial tree to just saying I’m sorry for your loss this community has risen to the occasion to lend a helping hand and heart.  This is why I love living in a small community.  You get to know your neighbors and they are kind of like a part of the family.  I guess we are all family.  From attending athletic events, to Braves games in the summer, to the fair in the fall, it is a great community we live in.

It shouldn’t take a tragedy for us to be neighborly.  We should all be kind, non judgmental, and appreciative of one another even though we may have different viewpoints, ways of living, and beliefs.

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