You are guided by your mind

This is the time of year I start knocking off some great roller ski workouts because I know if I do the work now it will pay off in February and March when I do my ski races.

Now sometimes I don’t feel like training especially when it’s raining and just ugly outside.

I have to sell myself into the benefits of working out.  Not a hard sell, just a little self motivating pep talk once in a while to keep me on my goal.

It just doesn’t happen, it does take action.  I just can’t wish a great result at anything in my life.

This does take courage but it’s always well worth it in the long run.

Here is a tip that helps me.  Write down on a little card what you really want in your life.  Be crystal clear.  Look at it everyday and every night and keep thinking about it all day nad then take action on it.

You want health then it takes a great diet, exercise, and a great attitude.  You want to be a great spouse and father, it takes a great listener.  You want anything you can do it if you believe it.  Think about where you want to go and just go for it.

Purpose and faith! I’m writing on this because this is something I have to work on this daily myself.

Until next time, I look forward to seeing you succeed in your thoughts and actions in life.  I know you can attain anything you want in your life.

Worry brings fear and it can cripple you, trust me, been their, done that.  It’s awful.

Reap the positive, reap the rewards.

OK, that’s it for today..  Make it the best day ever!!  Dr. E

P.S.  Osceola volleyball team playing for conference championship tomorrow night in Baldwin, good luck Chiefs!!

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