This will leave you inspired

I went down and watched the finish of the Twin Cities Marathon yesterday and man was that inspiring.  I parked my car 3/4 of a mile away and you could already hear the screaming, music, and noise, noise, noise.  My heart rate kept increasing as I got closer to the finish line.  You could see runners who were at the 3 hour mark and they were wrapped in aluminum foil and looked pretty beat.

Finish of T.C. marathon 2013

I was looking for Dr. David Leske who is my training buddy.  I saw him as he finished at the 3:45 mark.  It was a really good marathon for not doing a ton of hours running.  He was hurting prettty bad in his legs and hips after the run.  I can totally feel for him because I’ve done one and the pounding your legs take is like nothing else.  It’s kind of like someone hitting you with a hammer for 3 hours straight.  Congrats to Dave, Sheri Henck, Doran O’Brien and I’m sure I’m missing another patient who did the marathon.  I know a bunch of people are doing the Whistlestop half and full marathon up in Ashland this weekend, including neighbors Pete and Michelle Ward.  That’s a great course and the after party is excellent also.  I hope the weather holds out for them.

David and Mason after the marathon

It was great to see Mason Vavere an old St.Croix Falls buddy who flew in from California for the marathon.  He was on pace for a sub 3 hour marathon and the hills hit his legs but still finished in 3 hours and 9 minutes.

It’s incredible to see 12,000 people moving toward a common goal of finishing the marathon.  I know there are times where they may think they can’t finish it but the human spirit prevails and they do.  What an accomplishmnet.  I was getting a little emotional watching the spirit of these runners as they finished.  It truly is amazing what the physical body can do and what the spirit is capable of doing.  Having loved ones there to cheer you on is amazing also.

Keep your body moving!!  I’ve never regretted one day that I’ve worked out.  Going outside and getting a run or ski in the woods is the best energy creator I can do for myself.  It’s also the best anti-depressant   I may never do a marathon again but I sure was inspired to keep exercising and do my cross country skiing.

Here is a pic below of some of the football team getting tuned up before each game on fridays.

Friday adjustment time

Check out this video of the kids from St. Johns crashing the field after they beat their arch rival St. thomas a couple weeks ago.  I was there to witness this and it was incredible!!!

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