If you build it they do come

What an increidble weekend here in our little town of Osceola with the grand opening of our new stadium.  The Robert Vesperman memorial field.

Robert Vesperman field

The Osceola football team won in grand style 26-6.  While it wasn’t our best game we will take it.

Off to Prescott for our next victory if we don’t turn the ball over.

Game ball.

Bob Vesperman was a one of a kind guy.  I have such fond memories of him and my dad playing golf and teasing each other about the St. Croix Falls-Osceola football rivalry.

Bob is looking down proud as can be of the new sports complex named after him.

Proud Mary, Riley and I.

It sure is fun seeing these young people doing well, having fun doing their sports, and being leaders in the school.  These student athletes are the leaders of the school.

Congrats to all the other varsity teams.  The Volleyball team is rocking, and watch out for the tennis, girls golf and soccer teams.  Playoffs are right around the corner and anything can happen.

Captains at coin toss

I’ve been working with student athletes for 30 years and it’s going to be interesting to see how the athletes who use the new football field hold up.  I’ve already seen a couple nasty turf burns which can get infected.  The pebbles from the field sure seem to get in to your shoes quite easily and somehow I got a couple in my pocket of my pants the other night.  I’m not sure how healthy the surface is but the kids seem to like playing on it.  They say they have less shin splints, the field seems to absorb the force better than the grass fields which get very hard when there is a drought, and they love the looks of the field.

If you get a chance go down and run around the field and get a feel for it.  The new track is going in this week and then the complex will completly finished.

Do not procrastinate with your health.  Keep working out, eating well, and have a great attitude.  remember your body has a great ability to heal itself if you take great care of it.  We were designed to be healthy and not sick.  The problem is we humans seem to get in the way with our poor habits.  I seem to spend much more time on counseling people on how to eat better and live healthier.  There is a great new book out there called “Grain Brain”.  I just listened to a podcast of it, and if you want to have your brain work well for your lifetime then you will want to avoid grains.  I’ve been preaching this for years and it’s finally starting to go mainstream. Just google it and get a copy of it.

I also have a book at my clinic called “Why isn’t my brain working” by one of my mentors Datis Kharrazian, it is a fantastic book.  The first person who would like a free copy of this book just needs to email me back and it’s yours.

I was reading that the government is spending a ton of money on trying to find a new drug for Alzheimers.  If you already have it it’s too late.  Why not work on prevention?  Spend money on learning what causes inflamation and what causes your genes to get turned on.  I just don’t get it.  I guess the big drug companies can’t make money on prevention and lifestyle.

Ok, that’s it for this week.  I look forward to hearing and seeing all of you in and out of the clinic, and look forward to seeing my buddies at homecoming.  Look for the Gophers to beat the Hawkeyes by 14 Saturday.  Dr. E

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