If it’s good enough for Aaron Rodgers…

It was fantastic to see Packer QB Aaron Rodgers give his Chiropractor credit for helping him get through this week of practice and the game against the Washington Redskins.  Rodgers threw for an all time high 476 yards in their win.

The stress Packer QB Aaron Rodgers goes through every week is like getting hit by a semi once a week.  No wonder he receives weekly adjustments and sometimes multiple adjustments on game day to keep him playing at an MVP candidate.

Chiropractic works at helping your body adjust to all the physical, chemical, and emotional stressors that we all have.  Releasing the internal tension is what I do as a Chiropractor, and then your body starts the healing process.

It’s homecoming week here in Osceola.  The new stadium opens up friday night for the game against the Amery Warriors.

Riley Edling celebrating win with Natalie Benoy

The thing I love about football is it is so much like life.  You get knocked down and you either get back up and keep going or they are going to put someone in for you who will.  It teaches you how to play with others. It teaches you how to be respectful, follow rules, and take care of yourself if you want to perform your best.

Osceola has a Division one football player in Thor Riemer this year.  Thor has been receiving adjustments weekly and has been doing our ARP machine which speeded his recovery for his knee sprain from a 6 week injury to two weeks.

Big Thor showing his pipes off after a huge victory.

Fall is in the air and the change of seasons is happening now.  I was out with Dave Leske for a 10 mile trail run yesterday morning and it was amazing to see how much color was already taking place in the woods.  All the Birch trees have lost their leaves.  Be careful not to run into bears when your out in the woods.  Dave wanted to get 2 more miles in when he ran into the 2 bears and really shook him being only 60 feet away.  The ole adrenalin kicked in after running already 10 miles of hills.  I think it’s going to be a quick fall especially with the leaves having no rain the last 6 weeks.  Enjoy the next 2 weeks because if we do get some rain and wind they will surely fall off soon.

Future Gopher? Amy Rice Strand

The above pic is yours truly with Osceola senior state champ sprinter Amy Rice Strand at the Gopher game last weekend.  She’s being recruited heavily by the gophers and many other division one schools.  She’s the real deal and would be a fantastic addidtion to an already outstanding Gopher track team.

Below is a picture of Travis Shackleton a great kid from Baldwin who played a whale of a game against us last friday night.  He pretty much dominated the game on both sides of the field.  Travis comes up and gets regular adjustments at our clinic also.  Look for Travis to play college ball.

Baldwin captain Travis Shackelton

OK, hope to see you out and about Osceola, and maybe at the game friday night, and Chiropractic is good enough for MVP Aaron Rodgers isn’t it good enough for you?

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