The Last Family Picture

Here are a few Pics with brief stories behind them.

Our last pic as a nuclear family

This was our family 3 weeks ago as Connor and Mary headed out to Bozeman montana and Montana state Univeristy.  It’s been more quiet around the house but it has been great to let Connor spread his wings and have his own life now.  Exciting times for him.  He hasn’t called once since he left so all must be going well.

It's good!!

Here is a pic of great friends Tim and Julie Skiba who were celebrating life at the Somerset-Osceola football game last week up in St. Croix Falls.  In the background you can also see hte ad for Jeff Parks who I played football with on that same field 30 some years ago.  Congrats to Jeff and Wendy Parks on 25 years of marriage!

Just like old times

Back in the day we used to sell out every game at the St. Croix Falls football field.  It was great to see such an amzing turnout for the Somerset-Osceola game last friday night.   The next best thing is the new Osceola field.  Pics to come very soon on it.  That ocmplex is amazing, but sure still love the St. Croix field.

Neighbor dog Comet

This is our neighbor dog Comet who spends more time at our house than her home I think.

Comet is a great dog.  He   wants nothing but attention and loves to run and jump on all of us 24/7 it seems like.  Especially when I give him treats.

OK, just a quick fun post with some pics.  Don’t forget to stop in for an adjustment to help keep you doing what’s important to you in your life!!  Dr. E

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