You can’t win them all

I haven’t written on my blog for a while now and I feel inspired to tell a few stories today.

Sinc my last blog my oldest son Connor has moved to Bozeman Montana and started college.  This has been rewarding for Mary and I that he is spreading his wings and has his own life now.  He has called only a few times, and has sent few texts. Iy sounds like he loves it there and school is going well.

We have been really busy with our  youngest son Riley and this football season.  Riley is a junior and has been doing well on both offense and defense for the Osceola Chieftains.  He’s been a little dinged up with a high ankle sprain, but between adjusting him, doing soft tissue work, and the ARP machine, he’s only missed one practice and no games.  He was on crutches for 2 days a week ago so this is a great testament to how your body can heal, and with the technology we use at our clinic we can get these kids healed up and ready to go for their big games.

Proud Mary

And talk about a big game, the defending state champs, ” Somerset Spartans” came in and took advantage of our turnovers and beat us 30-14.  While we dominated time of possession, you just can’t turn the ball over.  What a great crowd there was at the St. Croix Falls football field, it reminded me of the big rivalry between SCF and Osceola during the years I played.

The new stadium will be done in 2 weeks.  If you get a chance, go over and take a look at the new stadium and go on the field and feel the next texture of the new synthetic turf.  This place this is going to be fantastic for both athletes and spectators.

I had a coupel people ask me what I was giving the football players on the side line when they came off the field.  It was pink salt, which is a pure sea salt that helps decrease cramping in the extreme heat and humidity.  These kids had a heck of a time playing in the heat and they were completely drenched before the game even started.  They really need to hydrate and by game time, you can’t give them enough fluids to keep up .  I use pink salt and love the stuff.  It’s full of minerals and good for you.  Whatever you do, just don’t use Mortons salt.

I’ve been working on the sidelines for 30 years and it has been fun coaching these kids when they were in youth football and keeping them healthy so they can play is a real pleasure for me.  Get out and cheer all your local teams on.

While we didn’t win against Somerset last year either, we have a great opportunity to finish the season strong and make the playoffs.

I did the first annual 25 kilometer Sasquatch trail run held at Big Rock Creek Farm.  It was 80 degrees at the start and 89 when I got done.  I knew it was going to be tough, but not that tough.  There was a 2500 foot change in elevation and some of those hills on the north 800 acres are brutal.  I walked most all the hills with Dave Leske and was never so glad to jump in the lake afterwards and cool down.  I was in trouble when I stopped sweating with 3 miles to go.  The last 1.5 miles my hamstrings were cramping.  I was scaring all hte animals out there with my screams as the cramps wouldn’t let go.  Not enough electrolytes and still not enough fluids.

I was thinking about the Birkie 1/2 marathon trail run in 2 weeks but may not be healed up by then.  Talk about great training for x-skiing…

I’ve been doing a ton of ARP wave with the high school kids at the clinic and it’s amazing how fast you can get a get functioning after an injury.   If you have an acute or chronic problem let me assess you and see if you are a candidate for this form of therapy.  The first one is on me so you have nothing to lose.

That’s it for this week.  I hope all the locals survived Wheels and Wings, which is our local town days.  I never made it down since I was feeling so beat up from the run.  Make it a great day, and be sure to hydrate, because its supposed to be 105 heat index today.

P.S.  While it’s really nice to win the game, it’s who you are becoming in the process and your journey that matters more.  Take time to enjoy your own journey and discovery.   I bet you may surprise yourself.  Dr. E

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