Building The Dream

One of the coolest things for me is working with a lot of our local high school athletes.  Some of them I coached in youth football and now some of them are off to play college football.    One of those is Micheal Skiba who who I’ve been working with for years is going up their with fellow classmate Bryce Byl to help keep the the St. Johns football tradition alive and well as they have a new coach for the first time in 64 years.

New football ocmplex taking shape

They have close to 200 kids out for the football program and 90 freshman at St. Johns in Collegeville MN.  .   Everyone gets to dress and be a part of the team.  What a cool experience that must be.  Playing division 3 football is good football.  I’m looking forward to checking out a game this year at St. Johns.  They have an incredible stadium up there.

My experience of playing Big 10 football was a real eye opener for me.  The best thing about it was developing friendships with guys I still keep in contact with to this day.  We are actually going to get together for the Iowa game this year.  I don’t think any of us enjoyed 3 practices a day, especially in the miserable heat.  This year the kids have had perfect weather for football practice.  When we were freshman back in 1980 we couldn’t wait until we had just one practice a day.  I’d have class from 8-12 and then I’d head over to Bierman building about 1:30 and get back at 8 at night.  That was a real transition from high school.  Thank God I didn’t have to go to mandatory study hall.  Those guys never got back to the dorm until 10pm.  Football was a 24 hour job it felt like at the Division one level.

Lincoln Howard is doing well down at Northern Illinois.  Lincoln graduated a year ago and will get playing time this year for the MAC champions Huskies of NIU.  Here’s a kid who was recruited on potential and is now coming into his own.  I had the privilage to work with Lincoln when he had what was a career ending injury  with a hip dislocation and we starting the  accelerated Recovery Performance program “ARP” and this made a huge and fast improvement as we were able to increase blood flow into the injured hip which usually dies, and they then need a hip replacement in 5 years.  Lincoln was able to play his entire senior year of basketball and now he will probably start next year for the Huskies.

I love keeping our athletes practicing and playing.  It’s a passion I’ve had from being an athlete and working with athletes for 25 years with sports injureies.  I know what it’s like ot be injured and not being able to play.  It sucks!!!  I feel I have great experience and have the latest in technologies to help keep these student athletes playing the sports they truly love.

Rumor is today is the day they put the new artificial turf in at the new Osceola stadium comples.  They are working diligantly getting the complex finished up for hte first home football game. in a month against the state champs from Somerset.

OHS new football complex 2013

Ok, like building a team or building a new stadium it takes a game plan and a lot of sweat and tears to see the finished product.   The same ting with our health.  The thing is your never done working on your health.  If you stop working on it then the outcome is not going to be very good and then if you fall into the medical system of treating disease and watch your life go down the tubes.  Eat, move, and think better each and every day and watch your life grow like the spring flowers.  Until next time, get out and cheer your favorite team on!!  Dr. E

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