Don’t drink the water!

I was up in Canada last Wednesday thru Saturday and I’m telling you it was rainy non stop, very cold, and windy the whole time.  The fish were not biting and I drank out of the tap and got very ill with Giardia.  It sucked the life out fo me.  I couldn’t eat, couldn’t move, and felt a 100 years old.  I was putting my best game face on but running to the bathroom every 15 minutes for 24 hours wasn’t much fun, especially when the out house was 100 yards away and it was pouring outside and 45 degrees.

Canada Dry "Not"

I slept a ton during this time and eventually by monday morning I had gotten over the acute symtoms of having a parasite destroy my insides.  I used Apex’s G.I. synergy which is a combination of products to help kill bad gut bacteria and parasites.  Added high doses of HCL and within 24 hours of being home I was about 80 % better.  Now on a high dose of probiotic and I”m feeling much better.  If you have poor gut health it can really mess everything up.  Remember 80% of your immune system lies in your gut and if it’s compromised you are going to have energy problems and a host of other issues.  Keep your gut clean and health and you will have a lot of energy for sure and you are more likely not to get sick.  Also, when traveling don’t drink the water.

Well, the St. Croix Valley lost an incredible person over the weekend.  Susie Raygor Jasperson was one of a kind human being.  I’ve known her my whole life and she was a giver of life I can tell you that.  She was never afraid to speak her mind.  I remember the first time she met Mary, she paused and said it will never last.  We looked at each other and I said to Mary, that’s our Susie.  It may be the only time she’s been wrong the last 20 years.  Boy, we sure loved her and she is going to be deeply missed.  I going to miss seeing her at all the Braves games.  This past year I’ve seemed to go to so many funerals.  It used to be weddings every weekend in the summer, now it seems to be funerals.

My advice when friends and family are dying is to get out and start living.  Living each day to the max is something I love to do.  I do not like sitting around watching the T.V.  I love playing and having fun.  I know if I’m down or not having a great day then the best anti-depressant is exercise.  Add some good nutrition for your brain and body and watch out world.  We are all here for such a short period of time.  You blink and life has passed you by.  Start living and have no regrets so when the time to pass comes you will feel great about your life here on this earth.  So lets all get busy and live life to the max each and every day!!  Dr. E

P.S.  I just accidently smashed my cell phone and won’t have another one out for 4 days or so. If you need to get a hold of me call me at the office 715-294-3100 or home 715-755-3733

P.S.P.S. I did catch a 17 inch Walleye.

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