Creating Energy First Thing In The Morning

One of my favorite things I do to create energy in my life is to get up early and get a workout in.

There is nothing better than on a hot humid July day like today to see the sun coming up and energize your spirit.

I know that most people are still sleeping or just getting up and I’m outside getting a run or rollerski in, at the fitness center doing bootcamp, or working out with the high school football team.

Keep moving forward and upward!!

There is something to be said about getting a workout in bright and early.  One is your cortisol levels are highest in the morning so you will have some energy and when you workout first thing in the morning it gives you big time energy so you can last throughout the day.

How about tomorrow morning just getting up at 5:15 and go out for a 30 minute brisk walk.  I know it will clear your head of fear and anxiety.  You may see a deer or two or some other wildlife which is very cool, and you may get a nice little sweat going.  This will jump start your metabolism and you are just going to feel a lot better.

I also love the discipline of working out early in the morning.  I know if I don’t do it bright and early I’m going to be tired, it will be to hot, or I’ll have some other lame excuse not to workout.

It’s not to hot to workout in the summer.  Just get up and get at it.

Life is about energy.  I remember when I was in Chiro school and I wasn’t eating or working out very well.  I was tired and miserable.  I did not want to go down the road of poor health so I got my shoes on and start running, and eating better.  I haven’t looked back.  I continue to get up early every morning thanking God for life and to be able to help others with their health problems.  If you want to get better you have to start moving.  Exercise is the best anti-depressant out there.

Football is right around the corner

What’s your favorite workout the empowers your spirit?  I look forward to seeing and hearing about your success with your health.  If you need a little kick in the pants then I hope this has inspired you to take action.  Get out of your head and just get at it.  I know you can do it!!!

Congrats to Bryce Byl who is playing in the Wisconsin Shrine Bowl this weekend.  Way to go Bryce!!

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