How to be healthier over the 4th.

Here is a short sweet way to be healthy over the 4th.

1.  Get some exercise.  I’m doing the Siren 5k run at 8am July 4th in Siren.  Always a fun race.  Come walk or run with me and about a thousand others.  Just get out there and do some form of aerobic workout and maybe a little resistance training.  You’ll increase your energy and just feel great.

2.  Keep the carbs down.  Americans get way to many carbs, especially the high glycemic junk carbs.  Keep your carbs to fruit and you’ll be much better off and won’t be tired all the time.

3.  Up your protein and good fats.  How about some fish, maybe go out and catch your own then cook it up.  Veggies are a good source of protein so eat as many as you want.  They are free foods.

4.  Drink more water and less beer and pop.  This can be a challenge but water with a little lemon or lime is a great natural detoxifier.

5.  Get some rest.  How about a lazy hazy nap on the 4th and get a solid 8 hours a sleep each night.  No burning the midnight oil, we all do enough of that anyway.  Sleep is when our body and mind heal.

6.  Take some time for yourself.  For me it will be reading the life of Pi..   It’s required reading for all incoming students and parents for Montana State University.

7.  Count your blessings.  Give thanks for everything.

8.  Don’t forget to get adjusted.  It’s so important for a properly functioning nervous system and to feel and function your best.  A healthy spine is necessary for a healthy life.

9.  Time with friends.  Friends always energize me.

10.  Think nothing but positive thoughts.  The theatre of your mind can make you or break you. Try your best to let go of negative feelings and thought patterns.  Replace the negative with something positive and see how it empowers you.  Take action on that positive thought and watch out world.

Old Faithful in Yellowstone 2013

Make it a fantastic 4th!!  I’ll be in all day today and Wednesday the 3rd, then off until Monday the 8th.  Dr. E

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