Should you go gluten free?

I was out in Montana last week for Connors orientation to Montana State and what impressed me was how informed I was as to the process of what to expect in detail for him over the next four years.  Parents were so informed it reassured me big time.  I also was impressed on how healthy the Bozeman community was.  People are active, fit, and look incredibly healthy.  I spent most of my time when I was off campus at the local Co-op which had the most incredible fresh food ever.  I have never ate so well in my life.  They really were pumping the gluten free foods out there.  I thought that was great since the more I learn the more I should never let gluten touch my lips.

Buffalo at Yellowstone.

This past weekend I was doing post grad work on the glutem, leaky gut, and autoimmunity connection.  The new research coming in is fascinating and people need to be aware of this so they can start making informed choices about what they put in their mouths.  I’m actually going to do a workshop on this next monday night at my clinic at 6:30 pm.

I’ll go over the gluten basics such as gluten in foods, hidden sources of gluten, potential gluten cross reactive foods, gluten sensitivity versus celiacs, prevelence of gluten sensitivity, factors leading to gluten sensitivity, gluten and autoimmunity, gluten and leaky gut, and a host of other very important items regarding your choice in eating gluten or not.

This is vital information is you have any gastro-intestinal complaints when you eat, if you have a condition which is unresolved, if you have a history of auto-immune disease, if you have a thyroid problem, if you want to eat better, lose weight and feel better then I’d make the class.

Another cool thing about going on a break was  just dreaming about life, what I’d like to see etc.  One thing I’d love to see is a co-op like the one they had in Bozeman Montana, here is the link.  Good food is vital for your body and mind.  Add some exercise(I love interval training, most bang for your buck), and have a great attitude and all things are possible.

My son Connor has his graduation party this suday at our house.  I’m very proud of him and feel his best years are just starting.  I feel Osceola has prepped him well for his college years and I’m sure he will love Montana state.  Way to go Connor!!

Connor in front of the library at Montana State

O.K. That’s it for this week.  Sign up for the gluten free class by emailing me or just give me a jingle 715-294-3100.  It will change your life!!  Dr. E

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