If you’ve got your health then you’ve got your life.

I hope you had a great Easter weekend with your family. I enjoyed it with my family and we also celebrated my son Connors 18th Birthday so that was very nice.  Those 18 years have just flown by.  He has 6 weeks of high school left and then it’s off to Montana State next fall for college.  It seems like yesterday when Mary and I walked him down the driveway to the bus for his first day of kindergarten.  Here is a pic of Connor and I.

Connors 18th Birthday!

If you have your health then you can lead an incredible quality of life, and just the opposite if you havent got your health, life can be miserable.  As I enter my 26th year of Chiropractic practice I see many I have been able to turn their lives around with my neuro-metabolic care and good old fashioned structural work.  This gives me much joy when I see a patient who is committed to making the necessary changes and does incredibly well.  The big thing I see in the transformation process is that they take total responsibility for their health and then take the massive action on my lead.  This is so gratifying to see.  I’ve been studying my butt off and have conferences the next 3 months in Chicago on the latest to help people with thier chronic conditions get better, and stay better.  There is hope!!!

I was reading a study last week that said the average diabetic pays 250,000 in care over a lifetime. I thought that was a pretty conservative estimate since if you live long enough like my father has with this chronic condition it will suck the life out of you and also your funds.  Poor blood sugar regulation is really the number one deal breaker for your health I feel.  It’s devastating to all systems of your body and most importantly your brain.   We live in an obese society and you are going to see more and more of this unless we as a society say enough is enough.  Most chronic conditions can be stopped, slowed downed and even reversed if caught soon enough.  It all starts when you are young.  Eating great organic foods may cost a bit more but it’s an investment in yourself.  Getting regular exercise is an investment in yourself.  Some people have to pay big bucks to see me because they have lost their health.  It may seem a lot at the time but it pays off down the road with you being able to do the most important things in your life.  I think a $5000 bike is great if you use it.  A by-pass surgery is a couple hundred thousand so pretty good deal I think.  Whenever you invest in yourself your doing something to improve your life.

I am so excited about Connor going off to Montana state.  A great education is an incredible investment.  My Chiropractic schooling cost me $30,000.  Best investment I ever did.   I buy a new pair of ski’s every 5 years or so and while they are about $600 it’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made.  This year I put on well over 1000 kilometers or roughly 625 miles on them.  Pennies for such a great investment in your health and I get to be in the beautiful woods.  Check out the picture below of Dr. Dave Leske when we skied at Rock Creek Farm in St. Croix Falls last week.

Dave Leske at Big Rock Creek Farm

Good health doesn’t cost, it pays off overtime.  I think it’s the number one thing you should invest in.  If you save all your  money you’ve made over a lifetime and then not be able to truly enjoy it because your health is so poor, that would be tragic.  I see it all the time and it doesn’t have to be that way.  Until next time, investing in your health and well-being is a conscious choice that makes life a heck of a lot better for you and your loved ones.  Until next time, did you see the trumpeter white swans on the ski pic?  Have an awesome April, baseball is here!!! Dr. E   p.s.  Got room for a couple more for the weight loss workshop at my clinic 6:30 pm.  Just email me if you want in.

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