Let the Madness begin

I always love March because we are getting closer to warmer weather, golf season, and it’s great having light until 8pm.  It’s also March madness basketball season.  I love watching the high school games and especially the NCAA basketball tournaments.  I love watching the underdogs beat the Goliath’s.  Survive and advance is what Jim Valvano said to his 1983 NCAA championship team from North Carolina State. Sometimes life is survive and advance from day to day.  That’s how it just is at times.  Other times we can cruise a bit, and other times you are planting seeds and hope they turn into bountiful fruit. Health can be the same in some ways.  I think if you get some form of consistency with healthier habits then you have a greater chance of being healthy.  We are not perfect by any means but simple strategies like cutting junk carbs, going gluten free, getting some form of daily exercise, being a bit more positive in how you see your life can go along ways to improving who you are, how you feel about yourself, and how others see you. I finished the cross country ski season this past weekend with our annual trek up to Calumet Michigan for hte great Bear Chase ski Marathon.  50km in a driving snowstorm and I was glad to just finish.  We had soft snow for all the races this year which makes it much slower and more difficult since you are out there longer.  You just adapt and move forward just like anything in life.  It was a great year of skiing.  Thanks to my tuesday training partners Duane Lee and Dave Leske.  Those guys inspired me to be my best and have fun while doing all the training. Here are a few pics from the weekend.

The great Bear

Famous football coach Geope Gipp from Calumet

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