You have to check this place out.

I went to the most incredible place ever this past weekend.  Big Rock Creek Farm located just off highway 87 3 miles north of St.Croix Falls.  They have over 20kilometers of groomed trails and room for another 30 kilometers.  I normally don’t ski much the week before the Birkie but I couldn’t resit skiing 4 hours over this incredible piece of land.

I’ve been waiting my whole life to be able to go back on htis piece of land and now it is available for cross country skiing.  Totally breath taking traills with spectacular views of trout streams, ponds, lakes, damns, hardwoods, corn fields, pines, and old rustic buildings.  Check it out on their website

Long straight away at Big Rock Creek Farm

Scott Hanson is hte caretaker and  he has plans for many different outdoor avtivities .  They also have an incredible cabin on the lake that people can stay in and the main lodge sleeps 18 people.  This would be the perfect place for an outdoor wedding.  Check out some of the pictures below.  Go out there and  check it out for yourself.  Go north of St. Croix Falls about 3 miles and you will see a yellow sign on the right for Big Rock Creek farm.  You can’t miss it.

OK, its less than a week until the Birkie.  We’ve been training hte past 51 weeks for the 40th Birkie.  This week  is all about rest and recovery and mentally preparing yourself for  a fun successfull race.  There is nothing like skiing with thousands of other people and feeling the energy of this event.

I ‘m doing the classic race this year which is 4 km farther so we get a 30 minute head start on the skaters.  We take off at 8am so we have to be up at 5 and out the door by 5:30 if  we are going to make it on time.  There have been a few years where it’s been a close call.  I remember about 10 years or so ago I got off the bus and heard the national anthem playing and took off late trying to catch my wave.  That wss stressful.

It’s all about seeing people you may not see but once a year and just having fun and not stressing out over the race.  I’ve prepared myself, I’m confident, and I’m not sick which is huge.  If you are tired and sick then there is no way you can enjoy and have a good race.

Great trails.

If you have nothing going on and want to be inspired take a trip up to Hayward and watch the finish.  You better be downtown no later than 10AM.  The winners are right around 2 hours so they will be coming through about 10:25.  It’s a lot of fun for skiiers and spectatiors.  You won’t be dissapointed.  You come up and I’ll buy you one at Anglers afterwards.

Until next time, do something today to improve your health for tomorrow.  It’s all about action!!!!!

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