It’s Getting Closer

Whenever you have a desire, a goal, a dream it usually takes some form of massive action in order for them to become a reality.

I’ve been training for the past 50 weeks for my 21st American Birkibeiner ski race.  One last hard interval session today and then I start shutting it down and rest up for recovery and to be at optimal physical and mental well being on race day February 23rd.

Despite being tired, poor weather conditions along the way, not really wanting to workout, my ski buddies and I persevered through all the negative and made it a positive.

The fun thing about training for something that you know you are going to be out there for 3 or so hours is you find out a lot about who you are.  It’s really not about the end result.  We all forget about our times a couple of days after the race.  It’s really more about the experience of who you are becoming along the way.

I have patients who have really bad spinal health and to get them back to where they need to be can really be quite the process.  Some are in it for the long haul, while others just aren’t ready to make the committment to themselves to do whatever it takes to get their health back and keep it.

The same is true for my metabolic patients.  It’s really quite a committment to do the testing, change the diet, implement consistant fat burning exercise, and never go back to poor living again.  Add that insurance doesn’t cover anything to get your health back and my fees and you really have to want it.

The really cool thing is watching people transform their lives who are dedicated and remain committed to the program. It’s an incredible process to see people get their health back and see them able to do things they only dreamed about.  Now that’s cool!!

You can have anything you really want if you stop the self limiting beliefs.

I think having your health is one of the most important things God gives us.  If you haven’t got your health then life sure can be a challenge.  Just look at family members or loved one’s that don’t have it, it’s not a pretty sight.

The start of the American Birkie

If you have a question about your health give me a jingle or an email.  I’m here to help assist you to the best health possible with the latest in metabolic, neurologic, and structural procedures and testing that will get you back on course and towards optimal health and well being.

I want to wish all of you a fantastic Valentines day!!  Make a great one.  Dr. E

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