Steps you can do to prevent getting the flu.

Seems like all you hear is how bad the flu is htis year.  Eveerywhere i go I hear someone who has the flu.

Have you ever thought why do we have the flu this time of year and not in the summer?

Here are a few things you can do to build your immune system up and naturally defend yourself from the flu.

1.  Drink at least 6-8 glasses of good quality water a day.

2.  Get adequate rest.  Sleeping is recovery  and healing time for your mind and body.

3.   Try to eat more nutrient rich foods like veggies and fruits.  i prefer stone fruits which are lower glycemic .

4.    Avoid refined sugars. No pop, no high fructose corn syrup.  If you want to have a sugar have a fruit.

5.   Take in clear broths and soups.  I like putting garlic in mine.

6.  Avoid sugar!!!  Sugar weakens your immune system.

7.  Exercise regularly.   If feling tired, back it down. If energy good then get at it.

8.  A good multi vitamin, a pro-biotic and adequate omega 3 fatty acid supplementation is a good idea.

9.  Eccchinechea and Goldenseal are two herbs I use in a product called nucle-immune by premier research labs.

10.  Keep your Vitamin D levels above 60.  Do you know what your’s are?  i get everyone’s D levels checked.

11.  Get adjusted.  Many studies have shown that people who get adjusted on a regular basis have a stronger immmune system than those that do not .  I see this with my clientele.

I bet you never knew Mary was a cross country skier?

We are well in to the New Year.  How are you doin gwith your goals so far with health, weight loss, fitness?  I’m working hard at guiding my patients to what’s possible with their health for 2013 and beyond.  I’m inspired to see people living more consciously and eating better.  I love it!!

Remember, you can do anything!!!!  Until next time, keep eating well, moving well, and thinking well!!  Dr. E

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