No More Shootings.

While I keep many of my political views to myself this is one I want to express as my own personal and professional opinion on the recent shootings at the Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown Ct.

Why would someone have an AK47?

I’ve deer hunted for 30 years and all my guns are at my neighbors in his safe.  I’d be scared to have a gun next to my bed at night.  I guess it wouldn’t make me sleep any better.  I was taught to never shoot unless it is a kill shot for hunting.  Basically one or two bullets is all you should ever need if you are a good shot .

I’ve never seen an assault weapon, I really thought they were for fighting wars and that’s it.  I’ve had a healthy respect for guns since I know the power they have.    What’s changed is that we live in a sicker and sicker society, and a much more violent society.

Violence is another thing I just don’t get.  I think we have to look at our society as a whole and then start with our own self in how we can each of us make our home, community, state and country more tolerable with each other and have a society that is much less violent..  How many more shootings are there going to be until we all say that’s enough and put pressure on the people who make our laws.  I think this is ground for good discussion.

We live in such a different society then when I grew up.  Here is what I see is different.  We could go to high school and show off our new gun.  We had one obese kid in each class not 35% of the classroom being obese.  We had one kid in the community who was very troubled, now their is one on each block.  If we lived in town you walked to school, now they take the bus.  If there was a little altercation in a classroom we took it outside at recess and got it handled.  Now you take it outside and you get suspended for 3 days.  If you wanted to visit a friend you walked to their house, now you visit on the cell phone.  We had 4 T.V. Channels, now there’s like 400 channels.  We had pong for video games, now kids have violent games.  So there are many changes in our society.  Look at people who are nearing 100 years of age.  They went to 6th or 8th grade for the most part.  They walked 5 miles each way to school.  They had horse and buggy and only the wealthy had a model A or T.  There was no indoor plumbing growing up.  They lived off the land not McDonalds.

I can’t remember one kid being on any psychotropic drug or anti-depressant when I was growing up.  Now it seems that my practice is full of not only children on meds for depression and anxiety, but so are the parents.  I think my generation of kids would experiment with alcohol and pot , but now it seems like kids today are experimenting with drugs I’ve never even heard of and have no idea where they are coming from.

I guess I could go on and on about differences from way back until now.  Society is always changing.  Time is going by faster and faster as I age.  How can each and everyone of us have more awareness and live more consciously healthier in mind, body, and soul.

Chiropractic is great because it is about removing interference to your mind, body, and soul with an adjustment, and then teaching one how to live in more congruency with proven diet, exercise and lifestyle modifications so your body, mind, and soul can be express itself with optimum maximal potential in life.

Until next time, Have a great Christmas, I will have the clinic open monday Christmas eve 7-11 am.   Come on in for a little Christmas cheer!!

Connor and Riley Christmas 2002

Well, that;s it for this week.  Our hours are normal hours through the holidays other than Christmas eve and new years eve just working the morning shift from 7-11.

Hope you all have an incredible holiday season.

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