17 inches of snow and out of the comfort zone we go.

It finally hit us, the 3rd largest snow fall ever in the month of December.  It was really fun watching the snow just keep coming and coming.  I felt like a kid again until I had to adventure out and get the snow blowing done.  That didn’t last long as I broke the belt  ont he blower.  My neighbor broke theirs also so thank God Gary Verhasselt bailed me out and plowed my driveway so I could get to the clinci this morning.  A big thanks Gary!!

The best thing about a big snowfall for me is that there will be plenty of cross country skiing.  I can now go to a variety of places to ski and and even get my classical ski’s out and get a 100 kilometers a week in as I prepare to do this years Birkie classical.  I saw on facebook last night someone was wondering if they should go outside and walk around Osceola, I said they should x-ski around Osceola.  Some  of the funnest skiing to be done is after heavy snowfalls just make your own tracks.  I can’t imagine not getting outdoor exercise in the winter.  I am not a big fan of cold weather but take advantage and do some form of outdoor activity just like you did as a kid.  The benefits out weigh any of the fears you may have.  I remember ice skating in downtown St. Croix Falls next to the dam site.  We’d spend hours down htere ice skating and playing hockey.  It was so much fun.  Go out and make an angel in the snow, it will rejuvenate you.

Most people put 7-10 pounds on over the holidays.  To much bad food and maybe a few to many drinks and it can add up quite easy.  Just be a bit more conscious and get off gluten and dairy and watch the pounds come off as you get healthier.  Add some exercise and you will feel fantastic.  One of the reasons I’m so passionate about exercise is because I feel so much younger and better afterwards.  I feel 15 again and not 50 when I exercise.  You want to anti-age yourself, then get that body moving.

I’m cutting a whole bunch of DVD’s this week on some of the most chronic conditions that plaque our society and I can help these people out with.  Fibromyalgia, Peripheral Neuropathy, Diabetes, Hypothyroidism, Hasimotos auto-immune thyroid, weight loss, migraines, digestive disorders,  and a host of other problems I am helping people out with.  If you know someone who has these type of problems just ask me for a DVD and I’ll ge tyou one.  You don’t have to suffer any more.  There is hope.  The body can heal if you do the right things to it.

All the high school teams are busy with their winter sports.  I sure get a kick watching the kids develop and get better every year.  Sports are incredible for developing the  brain and body and  sports are great at teaching lessons of life.

Keep up the great job you are doing at becoming healthier each week.   It’s a process that takes time and you are never done working on becoming healthier.  Enjoy the process, it can be a whole lot of fun, especially if you get outside and enjoy winter activities.  I’d love to hear

Practicing our ball room dancing

what your favorite winter activity is.

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