What are you waiting for?

Most of my successes in life have been to staying the course through thick and thin knowing good or bad times don’t last for ever.  One of the important things I try not to do to increase my chance of success is to not procrastinate but take action.  Everytime I’ve hesitated on something it generally hasn’t worked out that well.  When I put my mind to a course of working out I just have to show up and have my mindset right and  great results come with time.  An example would be disciplining myself to do bootcamp at 5:45 am every MWF.   Another would be my Tuesday, Thursday rollerski workouts getting in shape so when the snow comes I’m ready to ski and do soome racing and experience the exhilaration it brings.  I never feel more alive in life than when I”m cross country skiing.  I would have never even thought that 30 years ago but it’s true.  If you ever want to take me up on a little lesson or just ski for fun lets do it!.  It would be easy to sleep in but then i’m thinking about it the rest fo the day.  Get  up, get active if you can first thing in the mornignn while your energy is great and get it done.  You have to plan your time for workouts.  Put it on your calender.  Remember we all have the same amount of minutes.  Make it a priority.

25th Turkey Bowl is in 10 days

Another great priority is eating better.  I’ve talked at length about the benefits of eating a anti-inflammatory diet.  This is crucial if you want to be healthy.  Cut the dairy and gluten and watch the weight fall off.

How about this priority, good headspace.  This is a constant battle for everyone I talk to including yours truly.  It’s easy to get down and I’ve been there a million times.  Confuscious said the key to  success is when you fall down 7 times you get up 8 times.  I love that one.  If your struggling with your health give me a jingle and lets set up a time to do a phone consult, or come in and lets talk.  Poor health effects you and everyone around you.   You were meant to live a vibrant life.  It’s possible!!  That’s what I love to help people regain their health and keep it once they have it back.

How long do you have to work on your health?  Forever.  You brush your teeth forever, you parent forever, anything important in your life you do forever.

Ok, the weight loss class filled up in 3 hours.  I’m doing another one after Thanksgiving.  Let me know if you want in.

Good luck hunters.  Going to be good weather this weekend.  You are not going to freeze out there.

Turkey bowl is in 10 days.  Holy Moly it’s the 25th one.  Be there or be square.

Make it a great day everyone.  Be your best all the time !!  Dr. E    p.s. My alma mater the Gophers are going to a Bowl game.  Congrats to them.  Bucky will be playing in the Big 10 championship game.  It’s all good!

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