Your vote matters.

I was in line at 6:55 this morning and there was about 50 people ahead of me in line as the Town of Osceola opened up their polling station.  A light rain did not damper the spirits of people.  It was great to see people excited about this years election.  Your vote does count.  Remember 2000 when the nations vote came down to lesss than  a 100 votes.  I felt great about voting and so should you.  I remember in grade  school  when we would vote and debate over elections and I loved it then and still do today.

We’ve heard a lot about Obamacare, medicare, senior drug benefits, insurance plans, jobs, jobs, and more jobs, but here are some stats that no one has been talking about in the election.   I have not heard either Obama or Romney comment on GMO(genetically modified foods).  This proposition 37 in the state of California goes to vote today that would outlaw GMO foods which are basically poison for you.  If you eat big corportation foods you are not going to be healthy.  GMO foods will make you sick over time, alter cellular function, and lead to blood sugar and many other devastating consequences for your body.  Big corportation food companies win big, because sales go up, big Pharma companies win big becasue they develop drugs for poor eating, and  you lose unless you empower yourself to take charge of your health.   I sure get frustrated at times when I try to educate about lifestyle choices and  next thing you see on TV is a drug ad for another lifestyle problem.

Ok, winter sports are here.  Moms, make sure kids eat a protein based breakfast before practice and somethign afterwards.  Most teams are doing 2x day practices and htis is really hard on theses young athletes.  Make sure they get to bed on time so their body can heal.  Cut the sugar out of hteir diet and make sure they get a ton of vegetables.

The Gophers took it on the chin again last weekend to the maze and blue of Michigan.  I was chanting “wish again Michigan” as the Gophers took a 7-0 lead.  That didn’t last long as the Gophers got pummeled by Michigans back up quarterback.  If the Gophers beat Illinois they get to a bowl game.  I doubt they will beat Nebraska or Michigan State after that.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting my last weight loss clinic of the year.  The time is now to take charge of your health.  The voting is done, you will have decided who will be the next president and you can move forward with your health!!  Until then, get out today and vote!!  It does matter.

Michigan about to score

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