You can be healthier!! Big win for Chieftains!!

4 simple words you can say everyday, I’m getting healthier everyday. Taking action on this belief system will propel you to better health and well being. End of this weeks column. Not so fast.

I’ve got to tell you about this incredible roadtrip weekend to watch the Osceola Chieftains playoff overtime victory over the Mosinee team. The weekend started with the parents putting on a steak night for the kids friday night. A big thanks goes out to Pete’s Polar Meats for supplying the steaks and Lisa Ericlson cooking them. The next morning the parents put on a great breakfast for the kids. Thanks to all the moms for donating everything for the breakfast. Then it was off to Mosinee. 4 hours on the bus for the kids and they were still excited to play. The field was very muddy but our defense played incredible. They bent but did not break. It was a hard hitting game and neither team deserved to lose. We had one stand after another and held them to a fieldgoal. Our best drive of the day on offense was in overtime. 3 plays and game over! Bryce Byl and the seniors really stepped up. Mike Skiba played a great game for playing on one leg. He had a nasty ankle sprain and hadn’t practiced. We did everything we could to get him ready to have a chance at playing and he did. Austin Anderson had a great interception near the end of the game. Everyone played well. We are going to have to play better on offense if we are going to beat Medford. Our kids can do it. Come out and cheer these kids on saturday 4pm here in Osceola. Great job coaches inspiring and keeping the kids focused. All that hard work is paying off!!

Happy boys after a hard fought victory!

Congrats goes out to the Osceola girls volleyball team for an outstanding year. Although they got beat in regionals the other night they were co conference champs. A big way to go. Watch out fo rnext year becasue they have everyone returning. Good luck to our two runners Mackenzie Fortier and Mickey Gearin.

Back to you getting healthier each and everyday. You have to first believe that you can be healthier and that you can take the steps it takes to be healthy. We weren’t born to put toxic foods or meds in our bodies for poor lifestyle choices. Start moving more by getting exercise every day. Just move that body. You will rust out if you don’t! Eat more raw whole foods. More vegetables everyone. Squash is in right now and it is really great. It’s got to be one of my favorite foods on cold october days. Be positive. This can be challenging in the face of adversity. Hang in htere and keep moving forward each and everyday. I believe in you!! Dr. E

Jett Houston with a victory smile!

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