Homecoming 2012. Do you have a thyroid condition?

Another busy weekend it was for me. It started out with the Osceola Chieftains going down to Somerset and taking it on the chin even though they moved the ball well you just can’t have the turnovers. Then saturday was the Gopher homecoming. There was a cold drizzle in the air that turned into a cold hard rain in the 3rd quarter and I was loving it until I started getting chilled. I really didn’t mind since I’ll take outdoor football any day or that darn dome. It was great to have some weather conditions for the first time in 30 years. I can’t wait until we get a snow game!

The Gophers also took it on the chin this weekend. Those pesky Northwestern Wildcats came in to town and took it to the Gophs. The Gophs had early turnovers that the Cats took advantage of. It was a fun day and great seeing hte fans having fun. It’s great having football on campus. We need to pack the house! Check out the pics below from homecoming.

Riley and His friend Sienna checking out the campus

2 weekends ago I attended a 20 hour workshop on mastering the thyroid. It was a very intensive 20 hours and I learned a lot about how to successfully conservatively manage people who have thyroid problems. Did you know that every cell in your body has thyroid receptors that have influence upon the function of your body. The thyroid interacts with your liver, galbladder, G.I. tract, Brain, Cardiovascular system, Bone metabolism, Hormones, Blood sugar regulation, Red blood cell metabolism, protein metabolism, lipid and cholesterol metabolism to name a few.

On of the lab tests that I check everyone with is thyroid antibodies TPO and TBG. If you are positive for these antibodies you have a auto-immune condition called Hashimoto’s which is when your immune system starts attacking the the thyroid cells. Medication may help decrease the thyroid from swelling but you need to address the underlying immune condition. This is where the strategies I have learned can help immensly for all autoimmune conditions.

It’s really important to have good gut function for your overall health and well-being. If you have an autoimmune condition you better get the gut working well. 80% of your immune system lies in your gut. The gut can also effect the brain. If you have a leaky gut you probably have a leaky brain.. It’s not old age it’s bad brain fucntion that can be prevented in many cases. One food you will want to always stay away from is Gluten. Gluten if you have read previous posts is inflammatory and antigenic which makes like posion if you are sensitive for it. The best way to tell if you are sensitive is to test it which we do at our clinic. If you or a loved one have a throid condition and still have symptoms when your lab tests are normal then get a hold of me to see how I can help them function better.You don’t have to waste another day feeling lousy because you are trapped in outdated standards of health care.

The Chieftains travel 3 and 1/2 hours to Moisenee this upcoming saturday. This should be a great game. Good luck to all OHS athletic teams as they head into tournaments!! Cheer those kids on.

Until next time. Buckle down with your discipline with eating, moving,and thinking. You can do it!!

Those Wildcats wene not mild on saturday.

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