Do this, not that.

The more I do what my heart and gut says the better my life seems to be. Follow your heart, trust your gut and watch out world, here you come. That could be it for the blog but lets dive into living life to the max.

Friday night there was a bunch of homecoming games in the area. What fun it is to see kids playing football, the band having a great time and performing well, and everyone dressed up in school spirit. Check out the pic below of Connor and Tommy, our tuba players. Oh, nad don’t forget about the dance. How they play the football game and then dance hard is pretty impressive. These kids play to the max, and are a great example for us adults to let go and have fun!

OHS homecoming 2012

The kids played a great game and hung on and won 14-7. Now on to arch rival New Richmond followed by # in the state Sommerset. We have to play better if we are to beat these teams. Simple as that. we’ve qualified for the playoffs so pretty successful season. Lets keep it going Chiefs!!

A big hats off to Casey Danielson who was playing in the junior Ryder Cup this past week. This is a big deal in the golf world. Look for Casey to have an outstanding career as she takes her talents to Stanford next year, and I bet she will be on LPGA someday. She is Osceola’s most famous person. Congrats Casey, you make Osceola proud of you. Very tough watching the americans lose in dramatic fashion to the europeans. Very tough watching the Gophers and Badgers lose also.

A couple of other things I;ve been commenting on and that is to get your workouts in and get them done when your energy is high. I love to get them done early in the morning. Get in, work hard, get out. I roller ski early on saturday mornings so I can get to Gopher games or watch college football. It’s my passion but I always make sure to get the workout in first. If I don’t, it isn’t going to happen. Eating good is invaluable to your health. 2/3rd’s of everything I eat is veggies. If you go to our house you will see a ton of veggies on the kitchen counter. It’s going to be challenging to get good veggies in the winter so I’m starting to freeze them now. For years I would get weekly fall squash from Frances and Mildred Handrahan. They were great friends and patients of mine. frances died a few months ago at age 99, and Mildred a few weeks ago at 92. Going to miss them and all the great squash.

Looking outside my window at home.

Keep living the best life you possibly can. Being healthy takes work. I work hard to be healthy. It’s not just good genes. You have to want to be healthy and have to work at it. I’m here to inspire you to take action. Today go out and live your life to the max. If you haven’t got your health what do you have. You have to take full responsibility for your health. Until next time, cheer our youth on, and play like a kid. Dr. E

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