Self care better than assisted care.

It was another fantastic weekend of football. The Chiefs had a tough loss but now must move on and beat Ellsworth for Homecoming. The Gophers are 4-0. What fun Mary and I had at the game. it was her first trip to the TCF stadium. The Gophers play Iowa this saturday and they should beat Iowa who lost to another MAC team. This could be their year. The Big 10 is way down. Bucky has a big game at Nebraska this weekend. Will the real Bucky show up?

Mary and Riley into football!

Check out the picture below of SKOGMOS. It was in downtown Durand. I could not believe it. We had a SKOGMOS in St. Croix Falls when I was growing up. WOW, it was like walking back 40 years for me.

A walk back in time

I’m sure you heard about the obesity study that came out saying by 2030 half of all kids will be obese. GMO foods are a part of the culprit. You should never eat a genetically modified food. It’s poison for your body. Look at year books from 30, 50 years ago and look at todays. Just the head shots today you can see inflammation which is going to cause premature cardiovascular disease and cancer in our kids. You can start doing this one thing better at home and that is to eat better. Start with the anti-inflammatory diet I’ve discussed in detail on this blog. Start getting more movement, and keep positive even when times may be tough.

Gluten and dairy free is something I promote heavily in my practice. Give it a shot, it’s not that bad. Many G.I. and even more neurological disorders can be traced back to food sensitivities, intolerance or allergies to food. Doesn’t it make sense to remove things that may be harmful to your body? I love testing people to find out if they have immune reactions to foods. If they are sensitive and an antibody is being produced then we eliminate the food forever. Some of the DNA testing is pricey but it’s great to know exactly what you can or can’t eat.

The political season is upon us and the ads are nasty as ever. I only thing you hear of from politicians regarding health is health insurance and medicare policies. You better take great care of yourself because if you have the belief that someone or something else like government or insurance is going to solve your health care problem you are gravely mistaken. What yo eat, how you move, and your attitude are going to determine whether you rise and take off or crash and have poor and poorer health. Start making better choices right now today to ensure optimal health and well being for your future.

I’ve been visiting my dad pretty much daily in CCH here in Osceola. The gals that work there do a wonderful job with these residents. It’s a tough go seeing loved ones struggle to have some form of quality and dignity with their life. Thank God their is a place like CCH which is an incredible facility right here in Osceola.

Ok, that’s it for today. Big game for the Packers tonight. I look for Russell Wilson to give the Packers defense all they can handle. Until next time, continue doing your best to take the greatest care of yourself possible. Dr. E p.s. Good friend and neighbor Pete Ward of Pete’s Polar Meats on highway 8 just east of St. Croix Falls just did their ground breaking for their store a few weeks ago. You can order right now non GMO meat and sea food from Pete. Check out their website

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