What are you hungry for?

School is in session starting today for Osceola school district and most schools around the country. For me this seems to mark the end of summer and the start of fall. I always seem to have more discipline in my life when school starts for the kids. This is a great time to step up your health plan if you have one and bring it to another level. The young kids have to step up and do their homework, get the grades, play sports, and are held accountable. Why not us? You have to h old yourself accountable for your own health. If you are not happy with your health hire me and lets get it going. You can’t do anything about the past but you can do something today to jump start your health.

Get your workouts in early in the day while your energy is good. Eat a protein based breakfast. Eat gluten free. Eat tons of veggies, and some stone fruits and meat if you like. Think positive even if things aren’t going your ways. It will turn around. Hang around with like minded individuals.

September is a great month to get outside and workout. It’s warm today but it’s a great outdoor activity month. The hunters will be out getting lots o f exercise, their is 5 and 10km races every weekend in the area. This saturday is the Osceola race which starts at 8am. It’s so much fun just getting out and participating, meeting people and getting out of your comfort zone.

How about the OHS football team. 2-0 to start the season. This friday night at Amery. Lets make it 3-0.

Riley and I took off friday night after the football game for Chicago to attend the Iowa-Northern Illinois football game. Lincoln Howard a recent grad of OHS plays for Northern Illinois and we wanted to be there to support him for his first college game. What a great atmosphere at Soldier field in downtown Chicago on lake Michigan. An incredible gamei t was. NIU lost it 18-17 in the last 2 minutes of the game. Look for NIU to win the MAc conference this year and head to a good bowl game. What I love about those Mac(Mid American Conference) teams are that they are hungry. They are overlooked by the Big 10 teams and play with a chip on their shoulder. They have great coaches in this league. I was very impressed with the NIU football coaches. They play to win. They want to play the best teams. They don’t schedule cupcakes like some Big 10 teams do including my alma mater who plays New Hampshire.

We stayed in Dekalb saturday night and took Lincoln out for dinner. The campus is very nice and the dorms are brand new state of the art. What a great place to go to college. Riley now wants to go there. Look fo rLincoln to be starting by his junior year. We brought the ARP machine down to work on Lincolns hip and he felt incredible after a 20 minute ARP session. ARP is state of the art technology for acute and chronic neuromuscloskeletal injuries.

OK, it’s a hot day today but get out there and even if it’s 10 minutes get some sun on your face and enjoy these last warm days of summer. I’ll be back in 7am Wednesday morning. Dr. E p.s. I bought a new camera and took some great pics of the game and Lincoln and NIU campus and football facilities and forgot to put the memory card in it! I’ll have to get some from Rileys camera and post.

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