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What an incredible nice weekend it was in the beautiful upper St. Croix Valley. The Chiefs got their first football win in 2 years over arch rival and my alma mater St. Croix Falls. It was a hot night for the boys but they survived it well. It’s suppose to be 90 degrees for this weeks game so you boys better start hydrating now.

A patient asked me today what’s the best time to workout? I told them it is an individual thing but for me I train early in the morning at 5:45 until 6:30. 45 minutes of bodyweight exercises m,w,f. at Wild River Fitness. Roller skiing starts this week so 60 minutes on tuesday and 60 on thursday. Weekend one of the two days I’ll workout and one day a week of doing nothing but active recovery. Your energy levels should be highest in the morning as your cortisol levels are highest in the morning and lowest in the evening. There is nothing better than getting your workouts done and not thinking about them during your work day and then in the evening you are to tired to workout and you skip it and beat yourself up.

You can do great workouts and if your nutrition is poor then you are not serving yourself like you should. You have to eat well to get the nutrition in to your cells for proper blood sugar control and for energy systems to work properly. The number one killer of your mind body is poor blood sugar control. If it’s to high or to low you are never going to be healthy or have energy to workout.

I start all neuro-metabolic patients on the repairvite diet which is a gluten,egg, soy, dairy, yeast free diet. We remove antigens to your body and get your gut and body to start healing. If you have high blood sugar then we start with a 3 day lime aid fast. You may be reading this and think I can do that on my own? This is where my clinical expertise becomes valuable. Some patients can do it on their own but most can’t or else they would not be in this position. This works great for changing your metabolism and deflaming your mind body and gets you on the right track to good health.

Don’t forget about good old fashioned structural care. There is nothing like a good adjustment to stimulate the receptors to influence you neurologically and help your brain connect to the rest of the body parts.

Here is what’s coming next, now that you know you have to eat, move, and think your way to good health I’m going to show you what the repairvite diet looks like. Stay tuned for more great info that will change your life if you take action!

Until next time, if I don’t see you before Labor day have a great Labor day weekend and remember we won’t be open next Monday.

p.s. Former OHS student athlete Lincoln Howard is making his debut for the Northern Illinois football team this saturday at Soldier field in Chicago against the Big 10 Iowa Hawkeyes. I’ll be there for the game.

Watch out for crazy Hawkeye fans

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