This just about killed me

I hardly slept a wink last night. I think it was because I was so anxious for my son who is starting high school football this morning. I have fond memories of thinking I would never make through those first few weeks of fall camp. I made it and had a nice high school career. I think fear can motivate you to step up and take charge of your life or it can make you want to hibernate and not show your full God given potential. That was my first test in life that Fall of 1977. I look back on it now as being tough but it seems like life gives us many challenges and when life does get challenging fear may set in and when it does just recognize it and just take action to make it an opportunity for growth.

I see people daily who come to me with struggles with their health. Sometimes the first thing I have to do is work on the headspace a bit and change the paradigm of how they see their pain, or weight gain, or whatever symptom they are having as a blessing. They get to be in touch with their body and mind as to why they are out of sync in their life. The big 3 stressors are physical, chemical, and emotional stressors. There are causes for all of our ailments and if your stress level is way to high in one or all three of the mentioned you may be able to adapt for a while but it will catch up with you. I’m not immune to these stressors. Sometimes when I over do it my back acts up, sometimes when I eat bad foods my body doesn’t work like it should, and I know when I’m negative everything goes to pot. If you get in a rut or have a time where your are fearful in life just take some form of action. It likely won’t kill you but will get you closer to your goal. We all want better health, we all want to be prosperous, we all want our families to get along, we all want our kids to be successful. The healthier you are the more likely you’ve been able to manage your stress levels and not be paralyzed by fear. The one thing that paralyzes me with fear is a 3 foot putt while golfing. God, I can hit a 300 yard drive and then I get thinking about what type of putt I will have. When I was younger I had no fear on the golf course. Every putt seemed to just drop. I’ve got to let go of fear of failure on the golf course and embrace the what if I make it attitude.

Ouch! Summer 1979 UWRF kicking camp with Jon Pergande and Rob Teske

Here is what’s going on at Edling Chiropractic. Our summer weight loss drive has been going great! Many are losing weight and inches with our program and getting in the best shape in a long time. Why wait to get healthier, take action today. You can’t get healthier sitting on the computer all day. Get out and get in shape. Your brain will work better, you will lose some weight, get stronger, won’t be as fatigued and see less of me.

I’ve been seeing a lot of peripheral neuropathy patients lately and this is not a problem you want. It’s when you have numbness, tingling, burning sensation in your feet or hands or both. Quite commonly it is due to compressed nerves from bad chronic backs, or people with chronic blood sugar issues. These can be tough cases but I am getting great results. The big thing you have to do at home if you have this problem is you have to go gluten free to start. If you know someone who has this problem let them know I can help them. OK, make it a great day. Dr. E p.s. The picture above is one while I was a counselor at UWRF kickers camp. The two other guys are Jon Pergande from Green Bay who punted at Yale, and Rob Teske also of Green Bay.

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