Olympic movement

I’m sure most of us have been watching many hours of the London Olympics. Last night I watched the 4×100 swimming and the Women’s team gymnastics and talk about pressure on those athletes. As much as I love the limelight I think I’d prefer a sport that wasn’t so focused on the winning the gold. Jordan Wieber had a decent performance but you can not have any imperfections if you are going to get the gol. I have failures daily and sometimes years of failures until I figure it out. The only way one can improve is putting yourself in the position to improve your self. For example , with my weight loss patients it takes massive action. You’ve got to take full responsibility for where you are in your life, then the diet has to change big time and you have to start moving, and create a whole new paradigm or new way of thinking about your health and your life to have any consistant weight loss to occur. If you really want something you’ve got to be hungry for it. I remember when I practiced hours and hours as a youngster improving my skills as an athlete. I never much thought about my diet back 30 years ago, but now I know how important great nutrition is for fuel for your body mind and how important it is for good recovery after workouts.

Do you think he will make a comeback?

Lets talk a moment on movement and your body mind. Watching these athletes compete you can see how incredibly fit they are. They have spent thousands of hours training to become an olympic class athlete. I’ve worked closely with 3 olympic athletes and I’ve got to tell you it’s not glamorous. It’s full dedication, hard work, and there is no money involved unless you are a Michael Phelps. You do it because you love it, the lifestyle, and chasing your dreams. I challenge all of you this week to take some form of action with your body and stres it in a good positive way. For every hour that you watch the olympics take 5 minutes and do a few push ups, sit ups, run up and down your stairs at home a few times, run around the house or back and forth to the mail box. Who cares what the neighbors think, just get out and move that body. I love doing 30 second planks followed by lunges, and some wall squats. I do them during the 3 minute commercial breaks.

Lots of good veggies out there. Farmers are selling them everywhere so go get some and start eating more vegetables. Until next time, Braves baseball gearing up for playoffs. The Braves play tonight on a rare monday night game at 7:30 against the Minneapolis Angels. If you want a break form the olympics the Braves are great outdoor entertainment in famous Oakey park downtown Osceola. NFL football amps are under way. I heard that there was 10,000 people at there practice last saturday. Congrats to the Lamirande family for running in the Packer 5km race last weekend in Green Bay. For all the high school kids who start sports next monday. Be ready to work and give it your all. Dr. E

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