If the above title got your attention and you are serious about losing weight call me at 715-294-3100.

SERIOUS inquiries only.

This plan works…….plain and simple.

If your’e accepted into the program you will lose weight.

This past weekend I spent celebrating our 50th birthdays with all my good buddies from the class of 1980. It was great seeing everyone and reminiscing and just laughing and having fun. I figure I’m half way done on this earth and I want to leave no stone unturned as I proceed in my own journey as a healer, spouse, parent, coach, athlete. It’s interesting how weight loss comes up where ever you go. It is an emotional, frustrating, and sensitive subject. The bottom line is as we age and our bodies physiology changes a common effect is weight gain. Aging is normal, weight gain is not. Weight gain is an effect of poor maladaptive physiology and poor food choices. You can gain weight and do all the right things, but if you haven’t found out what the cause of the weight gain is then you won’t lose weight long term. Always look to the cause. Are your barrier systems intact? Do you have a gut infection that is asymptomatic but driving inflammation? Are you perimenopausal or in Andropause? Are you on medications? Do you have toxic emotions? Do you have Leaky Gut? Do you have compromised detox pathways? Do you have structural imbalances causing you not to be able to work out like you want? Are you doing the wrong exercise? Are you eating inflammatory foods? Are you exposed to environmental toxins? Do you have food allergies or food sensitivities? These need to be investigated to get at the root cause of why you are gaining weight and not healthy. Everyone is different and each plan of attack is different. The bottom line is to lose weight you must get healthy. The weight loss is the result of your body functioning better. If you are serious about losing the weight once and for all and letting go of what ever has held you back then it’s time.

Time sure flies by when you are having fun and I can’t believe us guys are 50! I remember when my folks were 50 and I thought they were ancient. Every time my son Riley says I’m old then we go out and play a game of one on one hoops and I show him I’ve still got it. I feel really good and can do a lot things better now then when I was in high school. I’m stronger, faster, and actually a little lighter. The only time I don’t do well is if my diet isn’t clean, I don’t get enough sleep, or am over stressed. Taking care of yourself has to be a priority, especially once you get to 50. Chronic sickness and disease can be eliminated. There is noting worse then seeing what poor health does to individuals and families. It can be devastating.

That’s it for this week. We sure have gotten enough rain for a while. We are doing bootcamp outside now at Wild River Fitness so come join us M,W, and Fridays at 5:45.

Just a quick reminder that I will be out of the clinic the last friday of June due to a Cancer symposium I’ll be attending. Go make it a great day, and if you are serious or have a loved one who wants to lose weight and get their health back then give me a jingle or email me steve@dredling.com

Nifty to be 50

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