Growing boobs or 6 packs

Everyday we wake up and we get to choose how we want to live our life. I’ve been trying to lead patients for the past 25 years now and sometimes I feel I’m really influencing people towards better health and well being, and at times I feel like I’m stuck and not making progress with patients. That I think is the ebb and flow of life. We are never always on the high, and never always in the dumbs, but probably some where in between. This past weekend I was at more continuing education on Perimenopause and Andropause Basically this is females who are going through their change of life and guys who are in the same boat and start gaining weight, and growing more boobs than six pack abdominals. A common theme when addressing underlying health issues is to get the patient healthy by changing their physiology naturally versus with a pharmacutical which does not treat the cause of the problem. Estrogen fluctuations can really wreck havoc on the emotions and the body during changes of life. A normal menopause is one where periods start decreasing in intensity and frequency and just stop. When a women loses her pituitary ovarian feedback estrogen changes and problems develop. The brain is dynamic and needs to be addressed with all physiological functions including change of life. There are many other functions that need to be addressed but I’ll save you the labor of the lecture. Treatment wise I would address underlying physiological dysfunctions including brain, any underlying anemias, blood sugar/adrenal issues are huge even if you have a perfect diet of a perfect diet, all the barrier systems must be in check including gut and blood brain barriers. You want to avoid any triggers and decrease your inflammation through out your body. Diet is huge for inflammation. As I have talked many times before you are either creating inflammation or decreasing inflammation by what you eat. I love a gluten and dairy free diet. A great website for deflamming your diet is Dr. Dave Seamon does a great job at explaining the devastating effects of inflammation and shows the anti-inflammatory diet. When I talk about barrier systems like the gut lining, lung lining, blood brain barrier and skin as barriers and when I talk about triggers, the barrier is a protection fron the triggers or toxic load that we put upon our selves. It’s kind of like a wall that protects us from the outside heat and cold. If we have a hammer and keep pounding on the wall it will eventually breakdown and cause a hole or breech and unwanted stuff comes in. The same with our body. Add toxic loads with poor lifestyle and barrier systems get disrupted and sickness and poor health develops. My job is to find out what your toxic load is, remove the load, and let your body start to heal. Give yourself a good 3-6 months for this to occur. The body takes time to heal.

Some of the old gang from 35 years ago

This weekend I’ll be getting together with all my old buddies that I grew up with on Balsam Lake. We are celebrating our 50th’s together. I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone because we only see each other on occasions it seems like. Life seems to get in the way at times. Boy I had a great group of guys to hang out with. I feel truly blessed to have these people in my lives. Can’t wait until we celebrate our 100th’s together.

Congrats go out to Charlie Danielson for winning his second state title in Golf. Charlie will be attending the University of Illinois which is the golf power in the Big 10. Congrats go out to the Osceola girls track team for a stellar performance in the 4×100 setting a state record while winning first place. Look for Aimee Rice Strand to be state champ the next 2 years in sprinting events.

Just a heads up, I’ll be out of the office on friday the 29th of June. I’ll be attending a 3 day Cancer symposium. You may think what the heck is Edling up to. Well, I’m up to helping as many people as I can possibly help while I’m here on this planet. There are a lot of chronically sick people out there and I’m passionate about learning how to get sick people well again and get their lives back.

Keep cleaning up your diet. If you want to get healthier once and for all just give me a jingle. I’ve got a great weight loss program that has been routinely helped people lose weight, keep it off, and get them healthier.

Until next time, get outside and move that body, it’s summer! Dr. E

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