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A common comment I hear from new patients is ” I can’t lose weight even though I’m watching what I eat and am exercising like crazy”. These are the cases I love because I get to dig deep into the cause of the problem. A common cause is an underlying metabolic problem. This can be anything from an adrenal/blood sugar issue, to a Gastro-intestinal /liver issue, to many different causes. Remember, the 5 deal breakers of your health are 1. Do you have an auto-immunity problem? This is where your immune system has gone awry and is attacking it’ s own tissue. An example would be M.S. attacking nervous system tissue, or Hashimoto’s which is an auto-immune thyroid. There are many many different auto-immune diagnoses which is an immune system problem. Deflaming the body is huge with any auto-immune problem. Proper Vit. D. levels are crucial so we need to test for that. Their is no cure for auto-immune problems. I can help you manage this problem by dampening the immune effects by getting you healthier with all your metabolic systems, including blood sugar/adrenal, G.I./liver, any anemia issues, essential fatty acid metabolism, and any hormonal issues. Proper sleep is huge and related to the above deal breakers of your health. If you don’t sleep well your body can’t heal. You may be doing the wrong type of exercise. This needs to be assessed also. Most people think they are eating great when in actuality they are not. I like to put all new metabolic cases on 21 days of the repairvite program which is a great anti-inflammatory diet. It’s gluten, dairy, egg, soy, and yeast free. It’s a clean diet and I’m telling you it will help get your blood sugar normalized, reduce a lot of the trigger’s and get your physiology to start working again. If you, a loved one, or a friend have a metabolic issue like metabolic syndrome, diabetes, peripheral neuropathy, fibromyalgia, IBS, obesity, then you don’t have to suffer any longer. Email me or call me personally 715-294-3100

How about the girls track team winning the 4x100m and setting a state record. Congrats also to Amy Rice Strand for getting second in the 100m and 200m. Look for Amy who has two more years of high school to receive a division one scholarship.

Local golf star Charlie Danielson is playing today and tomorrow at the state golf tournament in Madison. I predict he will win his 2nd state tournament title.

The picture below is myself and Colleen Swanson (OHS class of 1981) and some of her mom’s famous 7up green gluten free jello that was served up at Colleen’s daughter Hope’s graduation party on saturday. She was so kind to bring me some in. I think I first had this back in 1967 at Zion Lutheran church in Farmington.


I ran the 5km race in St.Croix Falls this weekend. There must have been 300 people there including about 40 grade school girls called the sprinting sisters from Osceola. It’s great to see young kids get involved with healthy activities. Congrats to all those who participated. The water was really rushing through the bear trap in St. Croix. I haven’t seen it that high this time of year in year’s.

This is a great time to get outside and enjoy the summer. It’s light out until 9:30 so no excuses about not having time to get some exercise. Remember, you are responsible for your health. If you have made bad choices about your health then get a hold of me and I’ll teach you how to make better choices and optimize your health and your life. Dr. E

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