No fun being sick.

There are many things that cause sickness and disease. Obviously physical, chemical, and emotional stressors tax our nervous system, brain, and immune system and can cause our body to adapt towards disharmony and eventually disease. Case in point, I’m just getting over a nasty virus. One of those bad colds that just your whole upper respiratory system. I mean it knocked me down big time. Doesn’t surprise me since I’ve been going pretty hard, running here and there, lots of ball games, early morning workouts, tons of studying and weekend post grad work a couple times a month, just been going to much and whammo, I get sick. The body has a remarkable ability to heal. I created the interference so now I’ve got to promote better healing for myself. So, a little better self care in order for the doctor. Cleaner nutrition, easy starting back with exercise, more rest, a couple adjustments a week(studies show that adjusting improves your immune system 200% over those that don’t get adjusted), and be grateful more often.

School is almost out, the kids are graduating, parties everywhere, and summer is here. Are you happy with your health at this time? Do you feel you could lose a few pounds and be ready to show off that beautiful body of yours this summer? If not, why not? I can assist you with my detox cleanse program. I love this program because it works so well. I’ve had 2 people recently lose 40 and 35 pounds respectively in 2 months time while all their blood markers for glucose have improved tremendously. It’s not just about losing weight, it’s about getting you metabolically healthy. Remember the health breakers are, 1. Auto-immune conditions 2. Blood sugar/adrenal issues 3. Gastro-intestinal/liver issues 4. Anemia issues 5. Hormones, 6 Essential fatty acid metabolism. All of these need to be checked to see where you are at. I do blood work, saliva samples, stool tests, and also food sensitivity testing. Get these working well and watch yourself get better. Now that is cool. Listen, you don’t have to live with chronic sickness. You have to step up to the plate, take charge of your health and let me assist and guide you to a better way of life. Basically with neuro-metabolic work we are re-inventing your life. It’s a lot of hard work but it is great seeing people get better when they had lost hope or were not getting any answers. If you or a loved one is interested in being assessed metabolically just give me a jingle or email me at I’d love to check them out. I’m also going to a cancer symposium the end of June where I learn how to take care and support people who are going through cancer. This is something I’m really looking forward to since their are so many ways to support your body naturally to help fight cancer and get your bodymind functioning optimally again. Remember, you are not your diagnosis, and cancer isn’t always a death sentence. You manage it like any other chronic disease.

Mary is ready to party!

The one thing I’ve stayed steadfast in over the last 25 years is the body’s amazing ability to heal. My job is to help people get the results they are looking for. With my new found education and training I’m super excited to help people I would never have been able to help before.

This is a big week for high school athletes across the state. Today is regionals for track. Look for Osceola to do good, the golf team plays at Bristol ridge tomorrow, and baseball team starts regionals friday against my alma mater SCF. Go out and cheer these young athletes out. It’s fun!!

Next monday we will be out for Memorial day. Make it a great holiday!!! Dr. E

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