Procrastination is the killer of dreams.

I don’t know about you but for me when I procrastinate my life seems not to go on how I have envisioned it.

I’ve always been interested in diet, exercise, how to live and be healthy. Even as a little kid I was thinking about being healthy . Playing all day and playing all night until mom yelled for us to come home and get a bath and get to bed. When you are having fun there is no procrastination it seems. But when we get to be adults and everything else that comes with it it seems one of the things I see all day is a procrastination with health.

Me and my favorite glove in front of the funeral home

Procrastinating with your health is not wise and can have huge detrimental effects on your mind-body. Their is no tomorrow, just right this minute to work on your health. I certainly would love to sleep in m,w, and friday morning but bootcamp at 5:45 am is a great way to start the day. For me it sets the tone for the rest of the day. My energy is better, my mind is sharper, and I feel better connected to the source of all divineness.

Ask your self this, what weighs more in life, the weight of discipline, or the weight of regret?

For me, I sometimes do not like all the things that come with all the hats I wear, but I know that it is my responsibility and being healthy so I can be the best I can for others is necessary.

If you haven’t got your health what do you have? I see people who have lost their health and it isn’t pretty. Thank God I can help most of them but for some it’s to late. This is tragic and in most times can be prevented. I’m 50 now and I been doing a good job of taking care of myself despite 4 knee surgeries, 2 low back disc herniations, multiple other sports injuries have beat me up pretty good. I know I have to really work hard at de-flamming my diet, and walking the talk or else I’ll be like the others that age prematurely and not gracefully. I want to be doing Birkie’s into my 80’s. That will give me 50 of them. IIf it wasn’t for all the injuries when I was younger I would never have gotten in to Chiropractic. It’s awesome being able to help people get their health back if they have lost it and help them keep it once they ‘ve got it back. It’s amazing to see the power of an adjustment on the nervous system and what good living can do for someone.

Lets make May an incredible healthy month. I appreciate all of you and all the referrals. Thank you so much!! Dr. E p.s. Braves baseball is right around the corner. Sounds like Prom was a safe one, that’s great, and congrats to all the seniors, graduation May 18th!!

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