25th anniversary.

25 years ago yesterday I graduated from Chiropractic school. I can’t believe how fast that went. I’m still in the trenches practicing Chiropractic with passion and learning daily how to treat my patients better with neurological and metabolic care. The bottom line over 25 years is that the only thing that matters is results. I’m working harder than ever to be the best I can for you. I love studying, going to seminars and helping you change your life for the better and adding value to your life. Thank you for making this journey a great and exciting one. I look forward to another 25 years with you. I”ll only be 75 then.

25 years ago.

My plan initially was to retire at 50 and 25 years of practice. Call it a career and move on to something else. Well that changed like life does and the more I thought about it retirement doesn’t sound all that great. I get to assist people on a daily basis improving their lives without drugs and surgery. That’s pretty cool. I also have learned that the more I know, the more I really am in the process of learning. I get humbled everyday in practice and in life. I have no regrets over the past 25 years.

Here is what’s going on at our clinic. I’m doing a thyroid workshop a week from today on the 24th here at the office. I see many people who are chronically fatigued, have colds hands or feet, don’t sleep well at night, are depressed, gain weight when dieting and exercising. If this rings a bell with you then you must attend this workshop. It’s free! I put an ad in the sun so it will fill up fast. Email me back to reserve your seat.

Summer in March and Winter in April. That’s what we get when we live up here. You can never predict how the weather will be up here in the great lakes area. The one thing I do know is life is a matter of choices. We can choose to healthy or choose not to be depending on our choices. We really are a direct reflection of the choices we have made up to now. The only way I can help people is if they truly want to be helped. Especially for some of the chronic neurometabolic conditions I see like diabetes, thyroid disorders, fibromyalgia, auto-immune disorders, peripheral neuropathy. These take a major commitment on both parts but have had great success in helping people who want to be helped. Trust me, you want to do everything you can to stay healthy and not develop one of these conditions. The good news is their is hope and I love seeing chronically sick people because I can help them out where they haven’t been helped by others. That is why I’m passionate and excited about the next 25 years.

Until next time, keep moving forward even when you are challenged. We all are everyday. Dr. E

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