Did you see the fantastic finish?.

If any of you watched this years masters golf tournament you saw an incredible sudden death finish between Lois Osthuizen and Bubba Watson. It brought tears to my eyes watching Bubba get so emotional after he sank the last putt to win.

He said in a press room after he won when asked if this is a dream come true, he responded with “they never have come true before “, so I think he was shocked he actually won. I wonder how many thousand of golf balls he has hit and all the people in his life that helped him along his journey? It is a breathe of fresh air to see someone who has never had a golf coach, never took a lesson, and can relate to the average hack golfer. I think Tiger Woods could use a little of Bubba in him. As much as I like Tiger he seemed like a brat out there kicking his clubs.

I believe we can have a fantastic finish in all aspects of your life. The key to having a fantastic life and enjoying your life is that you have to have your health. If you don’t have your health life sure isn’t going to as great as it could be. I see many people all day long whose health isn’t great and they can’t do the things they want to in life. I love helping people who want to get better and are committed to the process of healing because I can tell you that putting in the time and energy into your health pays off big time. Your health is your responsibility, not the insurance companies, not no one but you. I know that may be a little harsh but it’s the truth. Anything really good in life comes from all the decisions that we make. We can make good ones and sometimes we fall flat on our face with bad ones and hopefully we learn from them. I know I have made a bunch of bad decisions over the years but no regrets. Just get back on it and keep moving forward and being positive. I know Tiger will focus on how bad of golf he played at the masters but look for inspiration from his 13 majors that he won and look for him to contend in this years U.S. Open with Bubba Watson. That would be a fun sunday showdown between those two.

Here is what’s going on at our clinic. We are accepting new neuro-metabolic cases at this time. If you know someone who has diabetes, peripheral neuropathy, fibromyalgia, IBS, hypothyroidism, and autoimmune disorders, I can help. I’ve spent the past 3 years studying with the like of Dr. Datis Kharazian working on neuro-metabolic disorders and having people get their health who have lost it and now have it back has been incredible. It takes work but it has been a life changer for so many. If you or a loved one has some form of chronic poor health, then they may be a candidate for this specialized care. It’s not cheap, insurance doesn’t cover it, and it takes a commitment.

Swimming season is right around the corner

Until next time, be happy, be grateful, and be healthy! Dr. E

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