Mad City or Bust

What an incredible hot last 10 days we have had. Holy cow, I”ve never seen anything like this in my fast 50 years on this planet. I love it!! I was cross country ski racing 8 days ago and now you could get the water ski’s out and for sure the golf clubs. What a great place to live.

This past weekend I was in Madison for the state basketball tournament with my son Riley. It has been something that my dad took me when I was in junior high and got to play in the 1979 tourney so a memorable event for me. State street was booming especially saturday night for St. Pats day.

I love watching the talented athletes and teams playing. What a great time of life for young people playing sports and especially if they make it to a state tournament. To see Wisconsin recruit Sam Dekker score 12 points in the last 30 seconds to overcome a nine point deficit to win a state championship game was incredible. I’m sure there are a lot of young basketball players playing hoops outside right now dreaming of being the next Sam Dekker.

Time for some baseball

On to some health issues. It’s incredibly nice outside and what better time than now to get outside and get some exercise. You will sleep better at night, you will feel better, and your brain will work better. Remember your brain needs 2 things for proper function, fuel and activation. Fuel is in two forms, one is the foods that we eat, and the air that we breathe. The second thing it needs is in the form of activation. Activation is through exercise and adjustments that I give to help stimulate the nervous system kind of like awakening the nervous system. it’s all natural and healthy for you. Being healthy doesn’t have to be that difficult. Get the body moving, start deflaming your diet as we have discussed the last couple weeks is crucial for a healthy brain and properly functioning nervous system.

Ok, that’s it for this week, if you suffer from thyroid problems, are overweight and have a hard time losing it and keeping it off, are tired and fatigued, or suffer with blood sugar issues then give me a jingle. I’ve been doing a ton of metabolic work these past 2 years and have been helping a ton of thyroid patients, weight loss patients, and people who struggle with blood sugar issues. I’ve had 2 patients this past month lose over 30 pounds and get their blood sugar issues from a diabetic state to normal levels and keep them at a normal level. Pretty powerful to guide people through this and see them get their health back naturally. You or a loved one does not have to suffer any longer. Call me to see if you qualify for this form of care. Dr. E p.s. Spring high school sports are upon us, don’t forget to get the kids in to get their spine and extremities checked so they can perform up to their potential.

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