Clean it up.

With the next 5 days suppose to be near 70 or so it is not only a great time to spring clean anything and everything at your house but how bout your body mind?

I did my last race of the year on saturday and felt like I saved the best for last at the Great Bear Chase in historic Calumet Michigan. The course held up perfectly and 50 km in 2:35 so it was fast. Another couple of hours and we would have had mush to ski in so it was perfect timing before the warm front hit. The ski’s have storage wax on them and are put away. I usually ski into April but not this year. Instead of doing a light ski on sunday for recovery I cleaned the garage. Talk about refreshing to get everything cleaned up and ready for an incredible spring. Next is the outside and back by the pool and then inside cleaning. I’ve never ever been even close to a neat freak but it sure feels liberating to get rid of junk and just toss stuff.

This is also a great time to get the mind-body jump started. How about making ti me for a quick brisk walk outdoors, you will enjoy it much better than the treadmill. It’s nice to see the neighbors out and about after a 4 month hiatus.

How about a 30 day cleanse to detox the body. If you want to learn more just let me know and I can put on a workshop if enough are interested.

I put an article on facebook yesterday about the anti-inflammatory diet and had some interesting feedback both positively and negatively. Check out A great resource for an anti-inflammatory lifestyle. Download the guidelines. Remember all chronic health issues (heart disease, cancers, diabetes, etc.) are caused or aggravated by chronic inflammation. The inflammation is caused by our poor lifestyle. Why not start today promoting a great environment for your cells to function optimally by supporting it with good nutrition and good movement. That makes more since than waiting for the red lights to come and a crisis to occur.

I’ll be out of the office this friday. i’m taking Riley down to the Boys state basketball tournament. It was 33 years ago that I played in the state tournament. It so happened that we got killed by the eventual state champs from Niagra. Don’t forget to stop in and fill out your NCAA brackets. Until next time, make your free throws. Dr. E

1979, above the rim.

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