Nifty to be 50?

March 6th is my 50th.

I look back on the first 50 and I see nothing but blessings from all the wonderful people that have enriched my life immensly.

I’ve got incredible folks whose guidance was great and pearls of wisdom today appreciated greatly.

I had a great neighborhood to grow up in and had the best classmates ever with the SCF class of 1980.

I had an incredible experience at the U. of Minnesota and are still in contact with guys I played football with and went to school with.

This April will mark 25 years of practice for me. Holy Cow has that went fast. Thousands of patients, lots of interns, and 18 former patients who now are Chiropractors.

Marriage for 18 years, two sons, life doesn’t get much better.

Fitness and competition I love whether it is on the golf course or on the cross country ski’s.

I’ve been blessed to coach youth football to high school sports over the past 30 years and love to mentor and coach young athletes.

If the next 50 can be as adventurous and fun as the first 50 then I will feel great about serving God, my family, and my community.

Thank you for being a part of my life. I am very blessed man. Dr. E

Go big or go home

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