Hitting your sweet spot in life.

Hitting the sweet spot in life doesn’t seem to happen as much as we all want it to in life. I always tell patients that health and life are a lot alike, you are never always at the top and never always at the bottom, but somewhere in between. If you are having challenges and feel like you are at the bottom it will pass so hang in there and keep moving forward.

Many people come to see me for bad low back pain. They think there life is going to come to an end because they can’t do anything and the pain is terrible. Or they have a metabolic disease like hypothyroidism or diabetes and their health is poor and feel terrible even with the meds. I get their back functioning like it should, add some core, clean up their diet and health returns. For the metabolic conditions I get different blood testing done, see if it is an immune problem and then get their body to work right by getting it the foods it needs, cut their stress down and start moving their body and guess what, health returns. I really don’t treat but support the body in what it needs to start healing and functioning. To get near your sweet spot in life it takes work. Being healthy and happy in any aspect of your life takes commitment and dedication with habits that work for your physiology and not against it. The problem is we as americans have a lifestyle that is geared towards sickness and disease not health and prosperity. We all have to do our best to get educated and then take action with your health so we can each be role models for our kids and grand kids.

I love hitting the sweet spot with my driver, or baseball bat or when the drop of the football onto the foot made a 65 yard punt effortless. We have all been there in some aspect of our life and when we hit it nothing feels better. Remember what it feels like and go out and do it! It will build your confidence and it’s fun!

I had a really active 30 hours this past weekend. Dave Leske and I went up and did a cross country ski marathon in Marquette Michigan. We left friday at 2:45 and got to Marquette at 1:30 am. Road conditions were terrible and my rear drive car was not the best choice for a 300 mile drive. The good news we stopped at the White Stag dinner club 10 miles north of Rhinelander and I had the best ribeye I have ever had. Those old supper clubs you don’t find around here any more and talke about the sweetspot of life, that place was incredible.

The race was really fun and my energy was good. It had been since last early March since I’ve done a ski marathon and the body and mi

Hitting the sweetspot

nd held up great. The first half had brutal headwalls but beautiful overlooks of the Marquette area and Lake Superior. The second half was all downhill and it was fun and fast. That was a sweet spot day for me. Been a while since I felt good on the ski’s so all the training and taking care of myself is paying off.

Going to hit the Badger state games this weekend. Been close to 20 years since I’ve been over their. Should be fast and furious conditions. Until next time, keep moving forward and when you do hit the sweet spot in your day take a moment to be grateful and then keep moving forward! Dr. E

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