You have to play the game every day to get results.

After watching this weekends pro football playoff games I believe you have to play the game and all the talk in the world is not going to take place of what goes on the field. You can kind of say the same thing with our health. You can talk about health all day long but unless you take the daily action steps to be healthy, health will not come your way. Sports are about energy and momentum and the Giants had it big time. That is why I’m not in favor of weeks off. A week off can be great if your injured, but our mindset can get a little lazy and we start listening to all the hype sometimes. I see this quite commonly in young kids and especially high school kids. They sometimes listen to everyone else and think they are much better than they actually are. You need to keep your eye on the target whatever your target and surround yourself with people who have had success. An example is your coach if you are in sports or myself if you want health to be a priority for you in your life.

Can you guess what this is?

Now that football is done for our midwest teams, and we are experiencing our first colds spell of the year, how are you doing on your resolutions. Sticking to commitments can be very challenging, especially for weight loss, a new exercise program, or just about anything new. The hardest part I feel is changing one’s paradigm about how they look at their health. Some people look at Chiropractic merely for pain relief. I would look at that opinion not as right or wrong but just another viewpoint. Others would look at Chiropractic as assisting the whole bodymind to an optimal way of health and well being for the entire family. It’s all on how you look at it. Now I prefer using Chiropractic to improve you and your families life and allow them to expres their God given health potential. Along the way I love to educate about eating, moving, and thinking better about what health truly is. Being open to this can be challenging because it is a new way of thinking, and most people get stuck in the old.

You don’t practice good health behaviors and decide to take a vacation because you think you deserve it or because it is to hard. Then you haven’t got it yet and will have many up’s and downs. You wouldn’t forget to floss on your vacation would you? Stay the course each and everyday if you want to change your behavior and have better health and practice all the things you can do to be healthier. Ya, it does take work, but it is well worth it. My dear old friend Tony Palermo would always say to me, “Steve, what weighs more in life, the weight of regret or the weight of discipline”. I skied 30 miles this weekend because I’m training for my 20th Birkie. I know what it takes to do the race and it is a lot of work. It’s much easier to train and do the work than to not do it and suffer because of lack of training. What one thing can you committ to do be healthier? I’d love to hear from you!!

Want some great entertainment? Stop by your local high school and support our young kids. Also, every weekend their is some youth sports tournament going on. I love cheering our youth on. Until next time, will their be enough snow for the Birkie? Dr. E

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