Lose weight, gain muscle, and be healthier for 2012.

I want to wish all of you who have been loyal readers of my blog an incredible New Year and an especially healthy 2012. I’ve been writing this blog fairly weekly for the past 5 years and always enjoy communicating with you about health and well-being. Today I want to talk about being your best for 2012.

Yesterday I got my fill of college football which is my favorite sport to watch. Being a huge Big 10 fan I always cheer for the Big 10 teams. Riley had a bunch of his freshman buddies for the grand daddy of them all the Rose Bowl. We got to see the finish of the the Michigan state game and they won in 3 overtimes. Congrats to Sparty! I thought the Badgers would really have a challenge with the Oregon offense and they did, but the Badger offense I thought played superb. They hung in there and fought the whole game. I thought it was a very entertaining game and one that every Badger player and fan could be proud of their team. It’s not always a matter of winning but how you play the game. If you give it your all that is all you can ask for. I remember getting beat by better teams but as a team we played great, and then I remember beating teams and we stunk out the place. I remember feeling hurt that we may not have win the game but I knew in my heart I gave it my all.

How we can relate this message to our health for 2012? Here is my look on it.

What do you really want your health to look like in 2012, and what realistically can you commit to? I know the “C” word scares people off but embrace it and just keep moving forward. Lets take example weight loss. Your goal may be to lose 20 pounds and keep it off while lowering inflammatory markers on your blood work and lowering blood pressure and run your first 5km, or walk in the woods up hills without the feeling your heart is going to explode, or maybe play with the grandkids until they want to take a nap. Write down what you want and then picture what that looks like and then take ACTION.

Finally some snow for outdoor activities.

The big think I see with people not reaching their health goals is that they just don’t stick with it. If you want to lose 20 pounds a year just do one thing different like not drinking pop. Not just pop for one week but for a year. When you workout, don’t stop after 4 weeks, but stick to it. The hardest part is doing it when you don’t want to. I’ve been their many times and still to this day it’s a conscious choice to either work towards good health and well being or towards sickness and disease. Take responsibility today for your health. You got your self into this mess if it’s poor, but the good news is if you start take daily action and don’t stop you can get it back and be healthier and keep it once you’ve got it back. It’s kind of like Chiropractic care. I recommend regular maintenance and wellness visits when you feel good to keep your spine moving and prevent any kind of potential relapse. We floss and brush our teeth daily, we maintain our cars, and our homes, and the same should be said for your spine and nervous system since it houses and controls every function of your body.

Da boys bringing in the New Year

I’ll be doing a weight loss and muscle gain workshop Tuesday January 10th 6:30pm here at my clinic. I’ve only got room for 8 people so if you are really serious about stepping up for 2012 then their is no excuse, just sign up by calling 715-294-3100 or email me back steve@dredling.com. Let me assist you to losing weight, gain muscle and be healthier for 2012. Until next time, nothing happens without action! Dr. E

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