Solutions for healthy weight loss made easy for the holiday season.

Short and sweet post today about getting through the holiday season and not putting on 5- 10 pounds of weight and inflammation which will make you feel tired, increase joint and muscle pain, and bloat you so you won’t fit in to your favorite outfit to say the least.

Here are 10 quick steps to take.

1. Eat breakfast. Make it a protein based breakfast. No grains and no cereal.
2. Drink 2x the amount of water you are currently drinking. Hydration is vital and most people are dehydrated.
3. Stay away from fruit juices, and sugars. Let whole fruit be your treat not your main meal.
4. Snack on nuts, seeds, blueberries, apples, venison sticks, between meals
5. Veggies are fantastic for you, especially multi color. This is the majority of what you should be eating daily.
6. I’d cut dairy, all gluten(grains), soy, out of your diet. You do this until end of year and you will feel much better and lose weight.
7. Avoid adrenal stimulants such as coffee, lack of sleep, to much training, pop,
8. Get outside or inside and move your body daily.
9. Keep the partying to a minimum, just added calories, and throws your whole physiology off.
10. Be grateful even if you are having a tough day.

Merry Christmas from Mary and Steve

First week of January I’m doing an in house lecture on how you can lose the weight, be more fit, have more energy, and become the person you know you can be. You can have it all but it may not be always easy. Nothing ever is. The goal is overall improved health. You can do it!!

Next thursday we are having our Christmas party during our office hours from 2:30 to six. Come on in so we can celebrate you and the holiday season!

I love seeing all the high school athletes giving it their all win or lose. Come on out and support your local high school teams.

Until next week, take one of my top 10 steps and start applying it and start living life to the max. Dr. E

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