Turkey Bowl 2011

Under the lights in SCF for Turkey Bowl 2011

Another successful Turkey Bowl has come and gone. This year we played last night under the bright lights of the St. Croix falls football field. A beautiful night for football it was. 42 degrees at game time.

We had an incredible turnout this year. We had a few newbies who stole the show this year. Troy Lessman and Jim Abrams, old Unity standouts really played great. I think they are in better playing shape then they were in high school.

The first half started slow and there wasn’t much scoring. Both teams seemed to be feeling each other out trying to find the right match ups. The second half was nothing but scoring. The black team came back and made a great game of it only to lose in the last minute of the game on a great drive by the red team.

Last time we played in St. Croix falls we had lots of injuries, including a concussion, broken wrist, and broken ribs. This year the only injury was Tyler Ahlstrand who had a nasty lower calf strain. Tyler had his game face on and played a great game for the red team. I hope he’s doing ok this morning.

Kevy, Tommy, Rollo, the Ellingson boys were all there as they are every year. We are all nearing 50 but we try to play like we are 20. Somehow the mind body seems a little disconnected from what it was when we were 20. Every year the once little kids that played are now in high school and college and go by us like we are standing still.

We all went to Wards for one and then ended our evening celebrating with Ding-Ding and everyone at P.Y.’s were the lineup of tap beers is almost as good as the lineup for this year’s Turkey Bowl.

A big thanks to the Mayor of St. Croix Falls Darrell Anderson for turning the lights on for us. It was great to see all the fans come out and watch this year. Scotty Ward from Dallas , Bobby Williams from Chicago stopped by the old playing field to watch. I’ve got to recruit them to play in next year’s Turkey Bowl.

Next year will be the 25th Turkey Bowl. Tommy, Kevy, and Rollo have played in all 24 I believe. I remember years back when we would play 4 on 4 and could not get anyone to play. We’d be at the Lanes or P.Y’s trying to get some last minute recruits. Now we could easily have 2 teams worth of guys. Every year it gets bigger and better. Rumor is next year we are pulling out the red carpet and going to play in Las Vegas. John Hilpisch is in for sure.

It was great to see my fellow brothers in Chiropractic Dr. Dave Leske, Dr. John Hilpisch, and Chiro student Steve Sigourois play last night.

OK, the Packers play in 5 minutes. I’m at the clinic and don’t want to miss the kickoff. We will see you at next year’s Turkey bowl where ever that may be! Have a fantastic blessed day. I’m especially thankful for all fond memories of everyone who has ever played in a Turkey Bowl. Dr. E

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