Dedicate Yourself To Olympic Health

What a crazy busy fun filled weekend it was. It all started with a weekend of cross country ski workshops at Cyclovaxc ski shop in the old Ben Franklin store in St. Croix falls. Stop on up and check out all the great bikes and ski’s they have. They have an incredible shop up there for the weekend warrior to the elite athlete. Ben Joncak and Frank Lundeen have a store second to none. They provide great service with that hometown touch. This is a great opportunity for the locals to get and stay fot and healthy. Check out their website

Worked out with Birkie Champion and Olympic athlete Caitlyn Compton and her husband Brian Gregg this weekend. Holy moly are they fit as a fiddle. We got a couple good runs in this weekend and yesterday we did a 2 hour rollerski up 87 and hit county road I to Centuria, over to Eureka, and then back to the Lions club park in St. Croix falls. Wow, I was spent. An easy ski for them was a tough ski for me. To be an elite athlete takes a ton of dedication and a great support team. Their lives are dedicated to the sport. I’ve worked with 2 other Olympic cross country skiers and understand what it takes to accomplish their dreams. It is very impressive to see people fit as a fiddle and extremely healthy in mind-body. The mind-body adapts to whatever stress you put upon it. You have to decide to put a good stress upon it like eating, moving, and thinking well, or you can live the typical american lifestyle and have problems sooner than later with your health. You can do but you have got to want good health. Start by cleaning up the diet, get some exercise, and count your blessings. Increase that 10% a week and watch out, you will feel like an olympic athlete!

How about those Golden Gophers this weekend. While they were outplayed in the first 3 quarters they hung in there created opportunities and executed when they had to and beat the heavily favored Hawkeyes. I’ve seen in person 4 Hawkeye loses like this since last year and I think they were playing not to lose which will always haunt you. Poor Bucky, two weeks in a row. They need work on defense. Check out the picture of Riley and me with the first annual Big 10 trophy. I told Riley I’d love to see the Gophers get to this game once before I die.

Think the Gophers will ever play for this trophy?

Make it a fantastic week! Have a safe Halloween and don’t overdose on the sugar today, you will be glad you didn’t tomorrow. Dr. E. p.s. I’ll be out of the office friday this week, I’ll be attending a neurometabolic conference in Orlando.

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