Is your health as healthy as the the Packer offense?

You know how much I love sports, especially football in the fall. This past weekend was a huge sports weekend in the twin cities. The Gophers had homecoming against the Cornhuskers of Nebraska. I’ve got to be honest, it was the most boring game I’ve been to since they opened the new stadium. Check out the picture below and tell me what’s wrong with the picture?

What's wrong with tis picture?

The Super bowl Champs Green Bay Packers game in to the Metrodome and beat the Vikings but the Vikings played great, especially rookie QB Christian Ponder. Everyone was pondering how Ponder would do, but he rose to the occasion and played admirably. I know Ponder is a very intelligent guy and I know he had prepared him self mentally and physically for this moment. If we would prepare our mind-body like pro athletes prepare for a football game I bet we’d be a lot healthier. Getting your health and keeping your health takes repetition, consistency, and intensity. Everyday we have a choice on how we want our life to be, somedays things happen and it can really through one for a loop. We all fumble in life on occasions, that’s life, it’s how we handle the next opportunity that really matters.The Packers got down right away and their offense didn’t panic. Rodgers was a cool cat out there carving the Viking defense up and in the end the Packers actually got back to being a running team and ran the clock out with a couple of first downs. Just think how healthy we would be if we prepared like the Packers. Be a Champ today and prepare for a healthier you. I know you can.

Border war fan Harold Skiba

Make it a great day!! Dr. E. p.s. Anyone lose sleep over the Hale Mary pass that beat the Badgers?

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