Money and your health.

Well it was a very sad day when the Riverbank shut it’s doors, FDIC came in and Central Bank out of Stillwater took over. I drove by at 5:40 on that black friday and had a sick feeling in my stomach since I know so many people who have dedicated themselves to the Riverbanks success. I never thought I would see the day of the Riverbank closing.

I also never thought I would see the day that so many people have such little or no coverage for health insurance. I think they should call it sickness insurance since it really doesn’t do anything to keep you healthy. The Riverbank will move forward with a new name and will never be the same, but it will provide a necessary service for our community.

What would happen if you lose your health? Many people are in denial until they get diagnosed with a particular disease state like cancer, heart disease, or diabetes. Sometimes people make life changing decisions to get their health back and will do what ever it takes. I can tell you that after practicing 25 years and seeing 500,000 people most people need a lot of supervision to make changes. I see that with metabolic conditions, and with chronic conditions in which your insurance company may pay for a petty quick fix if you have great insurance and if you have zero or no insurance you have better hope it’s somewhat manageable. Most of the musclo-skeletal conditions and metabolic conditions I see are lifelong chronic conditions in which your body has adapted to the changes as best it can. In some cases it is something that needs to be managed and correction is not possible. Your mind-body takes time to heal. There are no quick fixes for lifelong problems, but we have new technology at our clinic which has proved incredible results in two high school students I have been working with . These are young athletes who heal faster than us, but it is truly amazing what I’ve seen so far. Tomorrow is the first day that we are implementing this in our office. I will be putting out a post later this week about the details of this new program to speed up healing, decrease pain, and increase your function so you can do what you want in life. In 25 years of practice I have not seen a tool to help assist patients under my care.

I sincerely hope I add value to your life in the form of my Chiropractic practice and my expertise in managing chronic neuro-metabolic cases, and neuro-muscloskeletal problems.

Lincoln and Alexis celebrating homecoming at Edling Chiropractic

I ask of you to do everything possible to take great care of yourself so you can use me to get well if you are having a difficult time and more importantly use me when you feel great as more of a preventable investment in yourself. This in the long run is a much more cost effective and smarter thing to do.

If you need a lecturer please feel free to call me. i’d love to talk to your group.

Congrats to Casey Danielson for winning her third consecutive Wisconsin girls golf championship!!

Until next time. Invest in your health for big paybacks down the road. It may not be fun or easy but it will pay off. Dr. E

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