Coach Kill and seizures, is gluten the missing link?

You’ve probably heard that Coach Jerry Kill the football coach for the University of Minnesota has been battling seizures since he had a massive one on the sidelines against New Mexico state. Sunday he was admitted to Mayo for more tests and exams. It’s sad to see my alma mater suffer on the football field and even sadder to see their head coach not be able to coach because he is sick and unhealthy. Coach Kill has had a variety of health issues over the past 2 decades including cancer and has had many seizure related issues. Having health issues and having a stressful job dealing with 18-22 year old males with ego’s and alumni that want a quick fix to a losing program adds even more stress and you need to be healthy as you can be to handle all that stress.

There is some cool research out there about people with seizures quite commonly have gluten sensitivities. I’m not sure if Mayo is testing for food sensitivities, DNA testing for wheat, dairy, soy, egg, and yeast, and specific antibody testing from cyrex labs which would show if he had an auto-immune reaction to gluten and all it’s derivatives and any other sensitivities to cross reactive foods. Unless you do the testing you won’t know. Gluten sensitivity needs to be checked with anyone who has seizures. It could be the missing link. The problem is most clinics won’t test this because they aren’t aware of it, or open to it, and or the cost. I order this testing because it tells me what exactly you can or can not eat, what is causing you to be sick, and what is adding fuel to your fire. Unless you test you are doing guesswork. It’s expensive and so is my fee but for those that do it, it can be a real lifechanger for them as far as their overall health is concerned.

I see so many people who are not very healthy. For most people with chronic health challenges it’s taken them decades before they are finally getting symptomatic. I can tell you for sure that if they are auto-immune they will always have some form of the problem since it is an immune system problem that has gone haywire. There is no medical treatment to cure an auto-immune condition. My job is to dampen the effects of altered immune attack on your body through diet, lifestyle changes, supplements, and really a whole new way of living which hasn’t been adequately addressed before.

Mary at the Kodak in Hollywood.

The longer you’ve had problems the longer it takes. For metabolic conditions and Auto-Immune conditions this can take years.

OK, enough of the lecture. I am passionate about helping people.

Last week I had a close encounter with a bald eagle this week it was a close encounter with some Bison from North Dakota State University. They whooped butt on the Gophers. They were simply the better team. It’s going to take time for the program to improve. Look for the Badgers to take the Cornhuskers down this weekend. I can’t wait to watch that game saturday night.

Until next time, take time for your family and take time for your self. If you have any questions about the metabolic testing I do please feel free to email me or give me a jingle. 715-294-3100 Dr. E

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