Close encounter with a Bald Eagle.

Fall is probably my favorite time of the year. Football is well under way and I love college football games, especially the new Gophers stadium which is outstanding. If you saw last weeks Gopher game against Miami of Ohio the opening kickoff hit in the back of the end zone and bounced up in to the first row and was caught by local sports legend and fellow Chiropractor Dave Leske. It’s also one of my favorite times when the weather changes and leaves start changing. There is that something in the air about now that makes me want to prep for winter. One of my favorite things to do is to rollerski to get in shape for cross country skiing. I usually go north of St. Croix falls where it is very hilly and there are no cars. I skied 2 hours on tuesday and only saw 2 cars. I headed up river road along the beautiful St. croix river. The breeze pushed me up towards Wolf Creek then I headed out toward the big hills near Eureka and then back down river road where I saw some turkey vultures in the ditch. As I got closer on my roller ski’s they flew away and as I neared the dead deer in the ditch a gigantic Bald Eagle flew up off the deer and just about knocked me off my ski’s. It was so surprising since I could not see anything until I was already just about on top of it. That eagle must have been 10 feet wide and I could not believe how huge it was and how big his neck and claws were. I could see how an eagle could pick up just about anything. I had never been that close to such a gigantic eagle and it really caught me off guard. It was pretty cool, but next time I see some vultures in the ditch I’m going to pay a little more attention. I remember when we had an eagles nest in our neighborhood and I was washing car with Riley in our yard. Riley was just a baby and a bald eagle swooped down and almost picked him up. Scared me half to death. I don’t think Mary knows about that one.

I was at a 20 hour thyroid workshop which was fantastic this past weekend. I have been studying extremely hard learning functional medicine so I can become a better Doctor for you. I see a ton of people who have been diagnoses with thyroid conditions and a variety of auto-immune patients and these people are grossly underserved by both the conventional and alternative healthcare system in the USA. The conventional system can be summarized by to simply measure TSH(thyroid stimulating hormone) and providing synthetic hormones if it is out of range. If any other symptoms persist after a normalization of their TSH, each exisiting symtom is medicated for. The question of asking why the patient has become hypothyroid is rarely asked. Alternative providers have simplified thyroid management with a variety of supplements and do not conduct lab testing and or use unreliable testing procedures. I use extensive testing including a full workup of your thyroid if your TSH level are out of lab range. This would include antibody tests to see if you have Hashimoto’s which is a an auto-immune disorder. If you have this which 80% of all people who have hypothyroidism it is an immune system disorder that is caused by gluten sensititvity. Unless you address the immune system you are going to feel crappy even though your TSH levels are with in normal limits. I never take people off medications. In fact, if you have primary hypothyroidism you need to be on your meds, it’s as simple as that. That is only one pattern of the 24 different patterns that your thyroid can have.

OK, I’m off for a quick workout. I encourage all of you to get off grains. From all the research I was exposed to this weekend grains can cause a lot of health issues that don’t rear their ugly head for potentially decades for people. And when they do it is not pretty. Many auto-immune and neurodegenerative diseases can be caused by an immune reaction due to short and or long term exposures to grains. The literature is out there and this needs to get out to the public. I can do some extensive testing including testing for DNA, intestinal permability immune reactions, cross reaction foods, or you can just go grain free. Not just gluten free, but grain free. Keep your diet to veggies, wild game and fish, and a few stone fruits and you will be much better off. If you are serious about finding out why you dont feel good, crave sugar, can’t lose weight and have no energy then I would suggest having a consult with me and see if I can assist you.

Until next time, be your best and remember to take action with your health! Dr. E

Showing off with Goldy

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